Thursday, December 20, 2018

Days 13, 14, 15 and 16 | Oh what fun!

Life has been hard lately.  Like super hard.  Our health is fine, but when one of your kids is struggling at school with being harassed life gets complicated. And sad. 

I just want my children to feel safe.  I want them to be nurtured even when they have to be away from me. I think they deserve to live a childhood with some innocence.  I want them to know they are real people, equal people.  Who don't deserve to be punished for crying.  Who deserve to feel worthy of appreciation for who they are.  And not in spite of their faith or the way they look.  But with full acceptance.  Free from prejudice. 

The vast majority of people in this world agree with that.  Unfortunately there are irrational people everywhere too.  And something that should be simple becomes not so simple anymore.  So I spend my time consoling my child when she is home.  And am too emotionally drained to do much else after bed or ever. 

This went on for days and days.  And we are still working towards a resolution but the major stressor is out of the picture.  For now and hopefully for longer.  The school break could not come at a better time. 

Last night she was snuggled up between her two best friends watching a movie and I just exhaled.  I finally could. 

And that my dear friends is the completely unnecessary story of why I have made this page.  I could have easily made this page anyway.  

But there you go.  

So, I combined five days into one page.  The other reason why is I really wanted to use this piece of our wooden train advent calendar.  

It is a slim box that I cut up and kept the tabs in place. 

I took a photo of the box I was using and sized my photos to match up with the flip up tabs.  I printed it out on one sheet of paper.  Incidentally, the size was 6.65 x 5, so it was perfect for a 5x7.  All I had to do was make a canvas that size, print and then trim it after. 

I wanted to keep the embellishments pretty flat, because even just the top of the box was pretty bulky.  I stamped a small sentiment and edged the top of the flip up tab with thin washi.  

I am so thirsty for anything airmail.  I feel like I could use it on every page. 

Nandini at her sweet little violin recital.  I know it's not that easy to see here, but the look of concentration on her face was the best.  Nothing sweeter than a thoughtful-looking girl.  

And our balloon house adventure from Saturday morning.  I think I may print an enlargement of this one. 

And the picture from our otherwise super busy day that the kids were dying for me to take.  They love that I love their art.  And I really do.  They have the most amazing art teacher who never fails to send home projects that are display worthy.  If you could see that progression they have made in a few years.  Nandini went from saying she couldn't draw all summer to making real cartoon portraits or animals. 

Finally, this is what I put on the page, since the box is mounted on a clear page, I knew I need a backing.  Yes, I am going back and writing more about that Saturday.  I just haven't done it yet.  

If we can keep our spirits up, I just might. 

Thanks for checking out my pages again!

I hope your holidays are filled with love and warmth! 


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Some of the supplies I am using:


  1. Love this page, so fun to make it a peek-a-boo page using something already existing. Well done.

    And here's to hoping school is fun again next year, after the break.

  2. Great idea! Love the page! I hope school gets better. I had to move mine to a charter school for the same kind of reason and it was the best move ever. Enjoy this wonderful nurturing break!


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