Saturday, March 12, 2011

DOUBLE RAINBOW!! (entrelac rainbow baby blanket pattern)

I am so psyched to have two sets of rainbows done on the new baby blanket.  This pattern has been so much fun to knit. 
It's amazing, I can literally feel the stress melt away when I pick up my knitting after even a short hiatus.

This pattern is available for purchase in PDF format at my Etsy Shop here

{update: new photos. pattern is available for purchase here.}

I love this entrelac (interlace) knitting pattern too.  I knew that I wanted to make a rainbow blanket (I think it's unisex, but Ryan disagrees...), but I wanted to make sure the rows looked distinct and not too sloppy.  I suppose I could have alternated stockinette and seed stitch or something, but I don't like that look much anyway.

I tried going to the fancy knitting shop, but the lady basically scoffed at me for wanting to do anything other than basic stockinette stitching.  Gee, thanks.  I know that knitting is a skill, but let's face's not rocket surgery.  I'm pretty sure with a decent pattern that there are a lot of different things I could do.  So, I just ended up buying a book at the craft store that caught my eye.  The book turned out to be not that helpful overall, other than looking at pictures.  Once I got the idea though, I pretty easily put a simple pattern together for myself.  I used merino/acrylic caron yarns in










It was hard finding orange and yellow yarn.  I ended up replacing orange with coral anyway.  I really love the taupe. It adds a nice neutral base. I would do a yellow/gray blanket or scarf if I could find a strong enough yellow for it. 

This project took me about a month, I would do one row (one color) a day, working mostly at night while watching TV and a little during the day while Avi runs around the playground.  The diamond pattern was easy to memorize and you don't really need to count stitches, because the other color lets you know where your edges are.  The only thing I wrote down on a small piece of paper for repeated reference was the pattern for the triangles.  Easy! 

I am technically not totally done with this project, but I get tons of compliments on it every time I knit out in public. 
And, look! even at the double rainbow stage it fits Avinash already!

{update: new photos. pattern is available for purchase here.}


  1. Wow! That is beautiful! Any chance the pattern might show up on Ravelry? The color choices are fantastic! I'm with you about the stress melting away! Except sometimes when I have a deadline!

  2. Thanks! I am not that savvy at Ravelry yet, sorry..

  3. Wow! Great patten you have created.


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