Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back to the world of Today.

Just spent the last week at Disney World with my family. The great thing about that place is how at the end all of the hassle and waiting and running around (and tantrums and meltdowns) seem to melt away into a haze of happy memories.

I was a little crazed when we got home, looking at the humongous suitcases to be unpacked, piles of mail to be read and Etsy packages and layouts to be shipped.  But, most of the mail turned out out to be lovely holiday cards. My husband even made a trip to the post office for me.

Nandini was practicing her tantrums with gusto this morning.  Mostly because she could not have num nums for breakfast.  She laid down for her morning nap, but resumed crying and screaming almost the whole way to pick up Avi from school.  At some point on the road I started to feel really zen and just realized how happy and relaxed I was.  Somehow the long break had cleared off the grime of my day to day routine.

I feel that I sometimes focus on the negative too often.

I just want to remember the random, good little things from Today.

I want to remember them playing by themselves and playing together all day. Making treasure maps and cooking in their kitchen.  Even cleaning up a little (when asked).

I want to remember the wonderful fragrant roses I got at the grocery store today (most are fragrance-free in stores).

I want to remember the pile of happy mail awaiting me when I got home.  And, how good it felt to get everything organized and put away after.

I want to remember simple and delicious pea soup dinner at home which even Nandini tried.

I want to remember how much fun it was to look through my Disney pictures and get started on my Project Life right away while everything is still fresh.

I want to remember how grateful I am for everything Ryan does to help me and the kids.

I want to remember Nandini's relaxed laughter and even her incredible determination and stubborness.  I know it will serve her well. 

I want to remember how nice our little life together is.

It was nice to have a break, but I am very excited to start crafting again.  Lots of new things to come!


  1. Thank you for this post, I so often get caught up in my own mind I forget to pay attention to the little things and reading a post like this always helps me get back on track.

  2. Very nice post. It is always a good idea to stop and pay attention to the little things in life but it is hard when we are always going.

  3. It is always good to look at the little things that make life wonderful! Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is fantastic!

  4. Lovely thoughts and put together beautifully! Exactly the thoughts I had but never penned them down....

  5. LOVE LOVE THIS!! What sweet things to remember, it's always nice to slow down and write these down. Time goes by so fast and the kids change so writing these down help you treasure it even more. DO MORE OF THESE POSTS PLEASE!!


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