Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week in the Life | Monday Photos+Words 2017

7:37 My last day being 35.  Avinash and then Nandini came downstairs one at a time after they woke up.  We snuggled like usual and she avoided getting ready. I get her up and make her a sandwhich for breakfast. 

8:20 Lakshman finally woke up and started looking for Avinash. Diaper change to start. 

8:49 am Eating waffles and drinking juice and watching DocMcStuffins.  I drew little doctor pictures for him for him on a play prescription pad and tried to tell him it was the big book of booboos.  He was chewing fairly quickly at first but it still took almost an hour to finish his bites.

11:40 Finally getting into real clothes for the day.  Dressing up a bit since we are going to see Avinash's presentation at school. 

12:01 My usual tacodeli order, a vegan taco in a bowl with queso fresco on top and a Heather taco on wheat. Ryan copied my order as usual.  Lakshman only wanted chips. 

Avinash presented on Martin Luther King Jr for his famous American in class.  He made a poster of his influences and gave a little talk.  Everyone thought it went really well.  He seemed a little nervous and kept giving Ryan credit for the idea even though he did all the work on it almost entirely himself.  It was so cute to see him in his element at school. He asked a lot of questions.  He was very engaged and pleasant. 

1:41 pm// We surprised Nandini on the playground at school after seeing Avi's presentation. She was sitting in the corner with Lisi who was singing to her. Then she told her something she wouldn't believe, "Your parents are here!" And we were. She was so excited to see us. Lakshman jumped out of Ryan's arm and climbed up into the playscape. The kids started calling him the Easter bunny and he went down the slide. Not to happy about being teased so he took his bunny hood off. 

Rainy drizzly day today. 

 Driving around usually puts him to sleep.  I love his nap time.

 After he woke up he had a snack.  Trader Joe popcorn chips, crackers because Mommy was eating crackers and more juice.

 Ready to battle? Avinash and Nandini came home with M.  Lakshman was thrilled to see them but it was good he got a longer nap in.  Avinash watched an episode of Wild Kratts.  I asked him to play with Lakshman afterwards and he finally did.  After quite a bit of complaining.  Nandini and I did a work book and all four of us colored together for a while.  Avinash went outside to play with his friend Luke for a while.  Nandini and Lakshman played with the stuffed animals comparing their sizes.

Ryan and I didn't want to have the Blue Apron recipe exactly as it was, so I put the ingredients over pasta instead.  It was really good actually.  And probably better than sandwiches. 

We took a walk around the block after dinner.  The kids found a few frogs and tried to catch them with the little net.  Very unsuccessfully.  It was so cute to see them try. Ryan and my mom did some cleaning after we got back while I gave the boys a bath.  Lakshman loves filling his little bucket up with bubbles. Avi is self sufficient but they both hang out and play together in the tub.  I read them the story the Princess and the Pea from Hans Christen Anderson's fairytales.  Nandini took a bath next and I had to spend all my time fixing her hair. Then bedtime for them and a little TV time for us. 

I am doing Week in the Life again this year along with Ali Edwards.  I have done this project for six years running.  

It is basically a mini album that focuses one normal week each year.  
A good combo of photos + words. 

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