Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New baby, new layouts

I finally printed out some of the hundred of pictures of Nandini's birth and first few weeks. Nandini layout-mania has ensued. It is so fun doing so many girly pages (finally!). I can finally use all of the pink in my stash.

This is just a pretty page with a few pictures of us with Nandini while we were still in the hospital.  I was so excited to use my new white embossing powder.  I always used to make cards with gold embossing.  I saw this layout on two peas and knew that I had to copy that lettering. 

Using one of my many free 8x10s from walgreens, I made a straightforward birth facts page.  Even after her bath in the nursery, she was still so red the day she born!

Nandini's first visit to the mandir was really amazing.  She got a special blessing from the pujari and Abishek, and he even gave her the flowers from the murti.  I am glad I found some indian-looking paper to journal on.  And, the pink ribbon matches the trim on her romper.

I was so happy when I found this picture.  The expression on Avinash's face is so precious.  Everyone was kind of winding down a bit from all the excitement, but Avinash was still snapping away with the camera.  He looks so proud it just makes me smile to see.

I was trying to convey all of the wonderful chaos happening around us after Nandini was born with all of the family that were busting to meet her seconds (!) after she was born. 
I misted white cardstock with pink and cream Mr. Huey spray to make it match these Sassafrass papers.  Also, matches our pink-red newborn baby girl!


  1. "Wonderful chaos" -- I LOVE that! These layouts are just so full of heart. Your love radiates off of every page.

  2. aww..thanks Jill! How sweet of you to say.


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