Sunday, December 10, 2017

December Daily | Day 8 Winter Wonderland

Yes, we woke up to actual snow. It was remarkable and unheard of. When it started snowing on Thursday afternoon. I thought I was lucky to catch the five minutes of snow we were getting for the year. 

I had no idea the snow would last all night and stick! The kids got a snow day which is a bit unwarranted but I think it was worth it for them to have the chance to play in the snow at their own house. 

Avinash was totally captivated by the backyard when he woke up. I decided to try and take the kids out for a walk. Getting them bundled up was not easy but we made it out. 

I am so glad we did. We walked through our green belt. It was completely transformed. We took pictures every 12 inches. 

Their is a large hill right past the trees. Avinash went running ahead and rushed back to tell us they were covered in snow too and could he please go sledding. 

We went back home and brought down laundry baskets. I made Avinash put on socks. 

Ryan said he often looked and wondered which part of the hill would be good for sledding. It was so fun to actually try it out. There was barely an inch on the ground but those hills were so good for sledding. Lakshman wanted to walk around at the bottom of the hill because that is where the “real snow” was. He set off exploring and I just kinda followed him.  Nandini was scared but Avi went right down. A very sweet neighbor came out and lent us real sleds. Then we were going really fast. 

However the kids proved themselves to be real Texans pretty quickly. Lakshman’s feet were cold from his little walk down the hill. Nandini was still scared but she took a few tries.  Then Avinash took off his shoes and left them at the bottom of the hill. Of course it was a disaster and we had to go home after that. Ice stuck to his socks and his feet were still “frozen”after Ryan retrieved his shoes. 

Of course it was barely cold out and the kids were all totally fine. It was above freezing all morning already. You could hear water dripping like a National Geographic show about the spring thaw. It was really fun for Ryan and I to be out sledding in nice sunny weather.  At least while it lasted. 

I did my best to edit. I have about five pages here. It was the best I could do. 

A full page picture of us on the trail. 

I added a 2x2 divided page for lots of extra pictures. 

I tried something creative with those main kit acetate diamonds, but I just ended up with the simple approach. 

 I used the rubber wreath with a KP white number sticker.  I just love that picture of Lakshman.

I added a full package of star sequins to the page.  Some are just in the pockets and a few are glued on the front.  I should probably fuse the pockets shut because they keep falling out.

The reverse has more snow pictures.  Is that holly? I'm not sure.  It looks pretty.  I had to take every snow picture I could think of taking.

I added a rubber charm and some chipboard over patterned paper. 

I added a dotted transparency from an old A Beautiful Mess kit, I just cut it down and punched holes.  

I printed this photo on vellum. I added a die cut snowflake (meant for gift wrap) to the middle.  So glad I saved it.

I printed out two extra 4x6s and decided to include them too.  They are just too fun. 

I finally added a little journaling.  I need to print out the beginning of this blog post and add that too.  

Thanks for checking out my pages again and listening to me go on about a half inch of snow!

I hope you are getting your favorite December weather! 


ps. You can see all of my December Daily posts here.


  1. Gorgeous! I love all the 2*2s too. Do you have any tips for printing on vellum? I'm a bit scared to try ha!

    1. Thank you! Printing on vellum can be tricky! This vellum had a shiny side ao I printed on the matte side. I think having a lighter image also helps. I still had to lightly blot some excess black ink off a few spots. I just used computer paper to blot and let it dry for an hour or so before putting it in the album. Hope that helps!


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