Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Week In The Life | May 2018

I am always up for a memory keeping challenge, so playing along with Ali Edward's Week in the Life this year again was a no brainer.  

I have been struggling to finish projects that I start lately.  I seem to need a little bit more than the slightly more than one hour off that Lakshman school hours lately have been giving me to really have the space to create.  

I am lucky to get help from my parents some days and I jump on it whenever I get the chance.  And, I think I am a better mother for it.  Today was one of those days, my mother watched all the kids for most of the day. I created this title page and created a lot in my art journal.  

Nandini's original art work. 

Monday morning.  Our getting ready routine is relatively calm now.  We almost always manage to get out the door by 8, which gives us just enough time to not be tardy.  The kids get their own clothes on and they come downstairs to brush teeth in my room.  Lakshman is very sleepy this morning and I get a good snuggle in while they do that. 

After drop off, Ryan and I get coffee at Radio.  The lady at the food truck offers to make us omelettes even though they are no longer on the menu.  She is always super nice.  She also makes Lakshman's crispy egg perfectly the way he likes it. I find some scrap paper and doodle with Lakshman while we eat.  He makes a lot of words and then draws the animals around them, just like in Word World.

"Are you a sleepy bear?"

"No, I'm a lollipop bear! We forgot to check on my popcorn plant!"

"Then you will be a popcorn bear."

"No, they are the same thing because they both have pop in it."

"I can't get comfy."

I have him climb in my lap and he watches the Hungry Caterpillar. 

Then we go to Nandini's school.  I was volunteered to be the photographer for the Ocean Presentations going on this month.  

Lakshman is a lot less interested than I would have thought, but then he shocks me by naming the tibula shell correctly.  PBS is such a great teacher. 

I don't have a plan for lunch, but I get another cappuccino on the way home.  I grab a gluten-free muffin too.  Surprisingly good. 

Lakshman wants a snack too, also surprising, and gets fries and a milkshake.  I get him a cookie too which he eats half of at home.  

After I pick up the kids, we go back to Radio where I am meeting a friend.  I give them cash and they order their own tacos.  Lakshman is a sleepy bear this time and naps in his carrier. 

They stay with us for an hour waiting for Ryan to come get them.  I lose my patience with Avinash because he has a baggie full of pink liquid from school that is spilling everywhere, being combined with my tombow markers and more water.  I try to encourage him to make something real and to look at Celena's art.  He ends up learning about foreshortening from her and practicing drawing hands.  "I like Mommy's friend."  

Nandini is enthralled with the chance to use my markers as well, and makes a rainbow for me.  I talk to her about finishing her project and how her hard work is really paying off.  She has multiple art projects at school that have gone unfinished because she has been getting too anxious about the outcome.  At least, I know where she is coming from, but I wish she didn't share my problems. 

Art + collaboration + sun soaked patio + reflections on life = bliss.

Hoping to get a start on my album and will try to keep sharing every day!

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