Friday, May 11, 2018

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Are you taking my picture? 

Uh, yep. 

This outfit didn't even last that long.  I had to shower and change mid day because I got so hot. 

First they were arguing about whose toy that was.  It's Lakshman's toy.  No, it's Bappi's toy.  Then they were licking each other with it and Lakshman was giving it kisses back. 

Lakshman is still in his rhino costume.  Everybody loves it and asks him about it.  It is totally short on his arms and legs, but he looks so cute stuffed into it.

No school and no plans means we can visit our favorite nursery, Natural Gardner.  The 80 and 90 degree weather is getting to all the violets I have in my containers and I want something fresh to put in them.  

My friend Farya asked me to be the 'official' photographer for the school MARE program again, so we go to school early to shoot the fishes.  It is fun for Lakshman too because he gets to see the octopus eyes and they show him the beak inside too.  Quick projects like this are the perfect amount of volunteering for me. 

Even though I really don't like Starbucks anymore, I let the kids talk me into an after school snack there.  Plus, I still have tons of rewards left that I need to use up.  While I am ordering Lakshman disappears.  I mildly panic, no one around me reacts at all but I luckily find him in the potty.  More than one crisis averted I guess. 

We race over to piano, four minutes late and reminding me why I need to stick to drive thrus. Lakshman splits Nandini's bagel and Avinash eats his cake pop.  Waiting through these classes really is getting easier.  

The kids and I look for things to harvest in the backyard.  We could only find one plum! We all split it but the skin is terrible! The inside is really tart too.  Lakshman picks some tomatoes and waters his popcorn plant. 

Ryan making dinner.  Some weird lentil dish from Blue Apron.  I have to add haldi and jeera to it.  The kids have roasted broccoli and pasta.  Lakshman only wants to eat the broccoli, but at least it is cooked in some fat this time.

Probably the best part of our day and our week so far.  Avinash is doing homework.  Nandini, Lakshman and I are reading the strawberry book and start acting out the parts.  Lakshman wants to be the bear initially.  Nandini and I take turns being the mouse and strawberry.  Dressing up the strawberry in it's disguise is so hilarious.  Avinash bounds in and joins us.  I love it when he is not too big to play along with our silly games.  We read the book over and over so that everyone can get a turn at each character several times.  Lakshman interjects a new line into the book and insists that the bear wants to eat the strawberry AND the mouse.  This only makes sense of course. Somehow we end the book with Ryan as the bear getting attacked.  Lakshman tells me to slap him, he starts kicking him and he tells Nandini to hit him.  "Not like that! Close your hand, that is called a hit!" "You mean punch?" Ryan is laughing hysterically throughout so I assume he is okay with this? Seems like 

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  1. Playing the strawberry book game was so much fun! Lakshman deciding to give the bear its own active role really made everything special!


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