Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

I can't believe our trip to Disney World is already over. We had an amazing time and I think Avinash even enjoyed it! Day 1 - New Year's Eve Avinash is getting to be a pretty seasoned flier. Luckily we had a direct flight and open seat next to us to put the car seat on. We had the earliest flight out of Houston to Orlando that day but we were still worried the parks would all be full to capacity before we got there. Ryan and I were so nervous the whole ride to the hotel from the airport. We stayed at this beautiful Hyatt resort, but we took no time to explore it and just ran to the parks. Not without dressing up Avinash as a little reindeer first of course! The monorail to Magic Kingdom was closed down so we took it to Epcot instead. The park was way more packed than I've ever seen it. We took Avinash on the new Finding Nemo ride, complete with real fish and everything! He was totally mesmerized by all of the colors and sounds. Ryan held him in his lap while he looked around wide-eyed at everything. The New Year's Eve celebrations were awesome at Epcot. There were New Year's celebrations "around the world", at least four dance parties, including one with Bhangra music. They also had two huge fireworks shows, which totally scared Avinash. He is usually a pretty fearless baby, but he did not know what to make of all the booms and explosions going on around him.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Year's Trip

I'm so excited! I luckily get five days off this year for the holidays over New Year's. My parents had some points left over from their Disney Club, so we are all going to Disney World for five days over New Years! I think my little brother may even come to. I know that Avinash is probably too little to go on any rides, but I can't wait to show him everything. He is going to love it!

Avi's first Christmas, complete with Santa milk and cookies!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Two Months!

Avinash is two months old already. Time has really flown by. He has doubled his weight already and has moved upto the 25-percentile for length. He is already lifting his head, rolling from his stomach to his back, sticking his tongue out and focusing on us. I thought he was active when he was in my belly, but he really loves to kick and punch now! He is definitely a little football player in training. He is still a pretty well-behaved baby, but he is staying up later and later, I think that has a lot to do with Daddy's late bed-time though. The best thing is when you read to him or talk to him you often hear a loud "Ah-Goo" in response!
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