Sunday, August 30, 2009

Too cute.

Avinash comes up with new expressions all the time. The latest is a scrunched up nose grin. I think it started as an attempt to clear a stuffy nose, but now he finds it hilarious. Of course, we encourage him because we think it is funny too.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

First steps!

Avinash has been standing up on his own for a while, and he may be a bit on the short side

but he has officially taken his first steps!

On tape!

It's not always fun though (especially when you can't hold the camera yourself).

Though, he might do a better job, Ryan's the only one who managed to actually look at the camera here.

We are so proud and happy!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My daily joy.

Work is crazy. Long surgeries, cranky co-workers, longer hours.

But look what I came home to today.

Pure joy.

I love that his heart is so full of love and care free
(and, something for me to emulate).

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Avinash is growing up so quickly right now. One minute I'm amazed at his ability to sit up, the next minute he is crawling all over and standing up by himself. Pretty much the only thing that lets me feel I have some record of this past year.

Here are some of my new favorite creations.

I had to record our first charter jet ride.

I love these pictures of Avinash sitting IN THE DUGOUT!! at Astro's Minute Maid Park. How many people get to do that.

Cute pictures in the Alice in Wonderland Storybook house in Dallas.

Avinash always looks so cute after (and during) his bath. All that splashing makes him so happy and playful.

Hmm...took a long nap, went to Taco Bell for lunch, played with Avinash at the Children's Museum, made dinner, checked email, watched a couple of TV shows, and now I have pretty much run out of things to do except my presentation for Thursday unless I write a new blog post! I guess I could also contemplate making dessert too.
I made soup again tonight. I cooked up think spaghetti, mixed it with tons of chopped cilantro and a spritz of olive oil. I also combined sauteed garlic, lime leaves, a thai chili, scallions, ginger, tofu and carrots with roasted mushrooms and vegetable broth. Put the tofu and vegetables on the bottom of the bowl, top with noodles, garnish with chopped peanuts, scallions and cucumber chunks, then doused the whole thing with the amazingly lime-leaf scented broth. So good. It's amazing what good ingredients can do for a simple recipe.
Unlike last night's dinner. More of a travesty really.
Moving from New York City to Houston does have its share of disappointments. Culture, night life, humdity, bagels. Some of my fondest memories are summer nights in DUMBO park sharing a Grimaldi's pie with friends. Imagine my horror and shock upon trying the sham being peddled as a Grimaldi's pizza in Sugarland. No flavor, toppings not fresh. Blackening the edges with a coal fire is not the only thing needed to make a decent pizza. So sad and disappointed.
I guess we should have known when they gave us a plastic buzzer shaped like a piece of pizza to alert us when our table was ready.
Why does franchising always seem to kill quality and flavor? Do most Americans prefer bland and greasy foods?
Oddly enough, the only decent place we have found so far is actually called New York Pizzeria. Go figure.
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