Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Thinkery : Rainbow page

Life is so wonderfully full these days. We spend most days at home since the baby was born. The kids have learned to play by themselves in the backyard more and they look forward to little walks around the neighborhood. This weekend though we decided to try a quick trip to the museum. I figured with Ryan with me it would be a lot easier to handle and the kids would get a much-missed outing in.

I saw a poster hanging up outside and the colorful repeated images totally reminded me of a layout I had done years ago. 

Here is the image:

 Here is (part of) my old layout:

I decided to recreate the look with stamps again.  I love working in rainbow colors, so I went that way instead of using just primary colors.  Luckily I had some awesome rainbow pictures from that day at the museum to pair the idea with.  I borrowed the circle photo idea from the poster as well.

The top photo is actually a panoramic shot I took with my phone. I used a lot of bits and pieces that were laying around my table, mostly my January and February kits.  My collection of Studio Calico stamps was put to good use here, including the new little wanderlust roller stamp - it is so cute!  Seriously though, it feels good to use my stamps instead of just collecting them and hoarding them.  To get the rainbow, I mostly used Ranger Archival inks, with the exception of purple and orange which are chalk ink.  I just got the large ampersand clip from Webster's pages and had to use that on the page as well. 

I am linking this page up with Paper Issues for their Color by the Numbers challenge

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Announcing our new Baby Boy!

Here he is!  We are so happy and proud to share the news of our new baby and second son, Lakshman Hecker.  He arrived on February 2nd at 5:36 pm, weighing 5 pounds and 11 ounces. 

He looks just like Avinash as a baby.  Avinash was so excited that the baby really is 'twins of him' that he wanted to name him Avinash as well.  Then he told everyone at school that the baby's name is Krishna. 

Nandini cannot fathom that he has a name beyond 'the baby' and laughs like we are joking when he try to correct her. 

And us?  Yeah, we were totally those insane people who left the hospital without a name for our baby.  It took two more trips to the hospital to get it straightened out.  In our defense, picking a name is hard, especially a middle name.  I mean, you can literally choose anything you want.  We almost named him Lakshman Teen Wolf Kumar Avinash Krishna Hecker.  I still kind of like the way it rolls off the tongue. 

Life here is busy.  Feeding, changing, napping, bathing but mostly just trying to soak it all in.  We are all getting to know this wonderful new human being in our lives and falling in love more and more everyday.  We are super blessed to have tons of visits from friends, help with carpooling from schoolmates and the constant presence of my parents in these early weeks.

Despite some early blood sugar and jaundice Lakshman is super healthy now.  He passed his two week check up with flying colors (doctor Nandini agrees) and is not only back at his birth weight, but has gained a full pound. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Still waiting.

I love being pregnant. Really, I still do.  Every minute of my day has a purpose. Every activity, even napping, contributes to the growing of a new baby human.

I know I will miss this. I love having my baby with me always. I love feeling him kick and flutter and say a silent prayer every time I feel it.

Even these days. As things start to wear on me.
It does give me time to savor our cute little family of four.  To savor some time with Nandini as my baby.  In a flash she is going to grow three sizes after the baby arrives. 
And these days are exciting. I have to give up on my usual need to plan and be in control. 

Every day is full of possibility.

In the meantime, we are keeping busy.

 Pre-baby date night at Uchi.  A bowl of hot peppers here did not help.  Also? Kind of loving showing off my big belly with sequins all over.

 Getting Valentine's cards ready for Avinash's class.  I decided to play it safe and we are giving out bubbles instead of candy. 

Celebrating my mom's birthday.  The kids are a little excited about the ice cream.

So grateful for all of your prayers and well wishes!!! 

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