Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Project Life Ideas | 2016 Title Page

Project Life managed to hook me back in this year somehow.  I just love all the cards and kits and everything.  I'm always so happy when I look through old albums at all the memories we have recorded. 

This year I was very lucky to have some nice family photoshoot pictures (from September) to use on the title page.  

A few pops of color balanced with a lot of neutrals - kraft and black and white patterns.  That yellow five card feels like it was made for us. 

I love this funky numeral patterned paper.  I stamped the H on cardstock and fussy cut it off.

I made a back to the cover page too because, well, I can.  (Still better than in 2014 when I made three title pages apparently). 

I decided to be really self indulgent and include my favorite recent selfie.  I don't take a lot but c'mon, that dress! 

Another really fabulous colorful card on this page.  The rest are pretty simple black and white cards.  Since we are Heckers, I had to use the "Heck Yes!" word strip on here.  My style has definitely gotten much simpler over the years but that's okay.

The other side of this page is a lot more colorful, and I like how it all comes together.  I think all the literal white space helps.

I have caught up with the first few months of project life and will be sharing more ideas here soon.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Day in the Life| 2016 Album

A Day In the Life, recorded. 

I love this project.  I recorded many of my thoughts and photos from the day I documented this year in March on my blog here.  

I used a Studio Calico 6x8 handbook album to put my project together.  I plan on documenting my day along with Ali Edwards every few months.  I'm hoping that will be more do-able than monthly.

I did get the Ali Day in the Life kit to use as well.  It's a super affordable little kit, but it came with a great roller time and date stamp and some cards and circle chipboards as well.  I used several of the Story Kit Stamps as well.  The rest of the cards and embellishments are mostly kit club leftovers.

I kept the title page pretty simple, but the colorful 4x6 card really made it stand out. I used kraft alphas for the title.  A big thing for me in mini albums is repetition, so in addition to kit items I repeated the kraft throughout using word strips.  I also repeated the cork heart in several places.

I love the graphic look of these black and white cards together. 

I used photoshop to add an inch of white space to hold my text on my photos.  I used Bebas Neue for the times and Courier New for the text.  It seems basic but I like the typewriter look it has without being too fussy. 

I added my own handwriting to several of the cards as well.  I always sstruggle iwth teh way my writing looks so I tried several different approaches.  

I added the white script on my foot photo in photoshop as well.  

 Grey tags are another element I tried to repeat in this album. I like all the white space with pops of color on this spread.

Lots of different handwriting mixed together.  Cursive, careful printing and messy text all on one spread.  I used the time stamp here again.

 Simple details.  The picture of the three of them on the bed is the only picture I really asked them for all day.

I slipped a chipboard arrow next to the text over the photo this time.

 A little quote from Lakshman.  I always love recording those, and I need to be better about it next time I do this.

Love leaving one pocket see through with the translucent moon paper there. Most of the text is taken directly from my blog post.  So thankful I wrote that while it was still fresh. 

 I ended the album with a picture of Avinash that I cropped to fit a 3x8 protector.  I printed the photo on a 5x7 photo and then added an inch of text to the bottom.

Somebody spoke and I went into a dream ... 

To be continued.

See all of my Day In the Life projects here.

If you are thinking about getting into scrapbooking, may I suggest Day in the Life?  It is a highly fulfilling project that can be completed quickly.  One day of pictures and writing and then just a few days to put it all together.  You can repeat this project every year or even every few years and get a great snapshot of what life is like recorded for yourself and family.
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