Friday, June 30, 2017

Faerie Trail by Silver Moonlight | Austin

Austin has so many quirky and fun events throughout the year.  One of our favorite places, the Zilker Botanical Garden, has a faerie trail set up every year.  

They have quite a few events set up around this trail every year and we try to make it to as many as we can.  

Going to the Faerie Tea Party has become an annual tradition for me and Nandini.  We also have done Faerie house making in the past.  It currently holds all my baby succulents and I love it. 

This year we went to the see the Faerie Trail when they open up the gardens in the evening.  With the idea that it would be a little bit cooler, though it was still pretty sweltering.  Nandini still wanted to rock her fur lined boots. 

The faerie houses are submitted by different groups of people.  This Hogwarts Faerie House is basically my dream house.  

I love simple things like blue stones for water and moss covered paths.  


I painted all the kids faces before we got there.  Nandini and I have been watching a lot of face painting videos together, so she chose a mermaid crown for her face today. 

Thanks for taking a look! If you are visiting Austin in the spring or early summer, be sure to check out the Faerie Trail here!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cocoa Daisy June Kit Under the Sea | Layouts and Project Life Video

Here are all of my Cocoa Daisy Scrapbook projects for June.  I also have a project life spread with process video for you to watch if you are interested to see how I put everything together! 

Love the bright colors this month and I had a lot of fun cutting out big letters for my titles, but my favorite has to be that baseball layout.  Just a little bit of stitching really made the whole thing pop! Scroll down to see all my projects below.  

Thanks again for checking out my projects this month! Go to the Cocoa Daisy page to shop for the full kit and see the rest of the designs.  

You can see all of my Cocoa Daisy Projects here

Day in the Life | June 2017

 Day in the life is a memory keeping project that gives you a beautiful little snapshot of routines, spaces, habits and people.  Things that seem like they never change but actually change really fast. So many years have passed since I started doing this project, that our family now has a new member who wasn't there when I started it.

I almost always rely on Ali Edwards for motivation to do this project.  I played along on the day she choose, June 20.
I was hesitant about getting started for some reason but Lakshman woke me up with so much joy that I knew I had to do it.

There is so much that I want to remember.

 want to remember 

Lakshman waking me up in the morning. Happy to see me and wanting to snuggle. Asking me to do it again over and over when I nuzzle his arm instead of squirming away like he usually does. He wants Nandini to join and tries to wake her up to no avail. She comes down eventually and then I get double the snuggles. Nandini is very into getting snuggle time with me everyday lately. It's the best. 

The kids want to see SnapChat in the morning.  It's been a while so I go along with it. 

I want to remember the loving bond between big sister and little brother.  A role she was always excited about and has taken it seriously all along. 

I drive the kids to school camp because Ryan has an early meeting. He helps me get them ready before going though. We still don't leave until it is close to 9 already. Lakshman's class is outside doing yoga poses. Natalie tries to engage him in the activity with middling success. Nandini's classmates are mostly painting. Such a cute group of girls. A happily greets her and tells the girls that she likes Nandini. Nandini didn't pay much attention though and picked out a solar system game to play. 

Avi and I go to Texas French bread for breakfast. The clerk knows my usual order. Latte, croissant, cut in half toasted, and scrambled eggs with cheese. Though I opt for a drip coffee instead. I work on my planner over coffee. Lots of little outings and playdates and appointments. 

I want to remember getting to sit down and talk with Avinash.  We talk about Calvin and Hobbes and his monkey EO, who has been his lovey since he was a baby.  I have been seeing it less and less recently but reading about Hobbes has sparked a new interest.  Today at breakfast, Avinash tells me lots of things that EO does and says.  He asks me to buy bananas, EOs favorite fruit. 

Eight years old and so well loved and chewed and dragged on the ground. After reading Calvin & Hobbes, Avinash started carrying EO with him everywhere again. It basically melts my heart to see the kid who wants to be a teenager asking me to buy bananas for his monkey.

Avinash gets excited when he sees the upcoming schedule.  A faerie tea party tomorrow and playdates! 

We go back home briefly. Avi gets the swim stuff for camp. I pack snacks for our walk to the turtle pond later. I forgot the granola bars. I want to remember what a good helper he is and how this is a value we have worked hard to instill in him.

I want to remember this view, the black eyed Susans that grew from a packet of wildflower seeds have really thrived.  They have been blooming for weeks now. 

Lakshman planted radishes at camp. He ran into my arms so excitedly at pick up. Nandini was not hesitant to leave like usual either.

I want to remember how he always wanted to make a drawing in Nandini's class before leaving, after he did it one time it became a daily need. 

We walk to the turtle pond with Luke and Jackie. It is such a beautiful little walk to a beautiful little pond. Half of it is filled with a full carpet of duck weed. 

The rest has so many turtles. Including the triceratops turtle Avi found. A snapping turtle maybe? "You guys are gonna want to see this!" 

We eat our snacks under the tree. Strawberries and carrots and pretzels mostly. 
Lakshman is not happy when people say they see turtles jumping. Turtles not there. Fish jumping there not fish. Ha. I put honeysuckles in there so turtles can eat. He picks honeysuckles and puts them in the water. 

I drop the kids off at camp and they are all so excited to be there. They play and run around with their friends all afternoon. This is Lakshman's first year at Camp Rocky River and it is so cute to think of him with all the big kids! 

Lakshman falls asleep on the way home. He wants me to hold him so I cradle him on the couch. It is the sweetest feeling. He has never been gone from me all day so this must be a lot for him. He needs Mommy time I think. 

I want to remember my beautiful garden.  I spend time out here every day, fighting off the heat and such. We planted vegetable seeds way too late so we only get a small amount of peas, but they have given Lakshman a taste for them and he has a new vegetable he can eat now! That is worth anything to us. 

All of the herbs the kids bought and planted the other day are still doing well. 

Our baby succulents are growing. 

Water fun at camp.

Avinash asks for a water balloon fight. He even promises to get every thing ready.  I lay Lakshman down on the bed while he does. Nandini and Avinash still in their swimsuits from camp run around with me outside. I plant a little and they keep spraying me with the hose and balloons. I love them being excited about being outside. It is so hot that it feels great grtting soaked. I tell them it counts as their bath and hose them off. 

Ryan makes spinach ricotta cannoli. I help him wrap them up. It turns out so good. I eat way too much. 

I want to remember Nandini's passion for music.  She asked Ryan to download the Cruella DeVil music and is learning to play it now.

You can see all my past Day in the Life posts here.  I am not sure what I will do with this project, but hopefully a mini book.
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