Sunday, April 23, 2017

Friday & Saturday | Week in the Life 2017

I drove the kids to school because Lakshman wanted Ryan to feed him breakfast.  Waffles and alphabet games.  

He asked me to put his rocketship toy on him so he could blast off.  Jumping off the chair seems a good way to start. 

Pit stop for donuts before our road trip to Houston.  He brings his dinosaur toy along again. 

Pajama day, but we forgot so he brought this stuffed animal that was in the car.  His friends had a lot of fun with it, trying to feed it.  Love this. He wants to act so cynical but he just isn't pulling it off.  

Crash out in the car, surrounded by lovies.

Piano book and workbook coloring the whole.  Avi contents himself with listening to the story.  We almost finish The Secret Keepers.  

 First stop.  BHLDN for dress shopping.  The first one is fine.

Ryan wants chai pie so we go to Pondicheri for lunch.  Pani puri.  Paneer lettuce wraps.  Carrot parantha.  Paneer parantha.  Eggs masala.  Cookies, scones, pie, cake.  Chai. Coffee.  Milk with jaggery.  We don't mess around. 

Avinash was very excited to be back in his birthplace.  He kept saying how nice and fancy everything there is.  He asked about his old friends, Nisha and Avinash.  He remembered Pondicheri too, even though they don't have his old favorite elephant cookie anymore. 

At the entrance asked the museum staff, "I want to see the dinosaurs! I want to show my dinosaur the dinosaurs!"

 We found him!  His eyes lit up so big when we entered the jurassic part of the dinosaur hall.

At the park to meet our very old friend Tasha.  I've known her since she was born and she has known all the kids, even Lakshman since they were born. This is the same park where Avinash had his first birthday party.  So cute to be back here.  Feeling a crazy sense of nostalgia. 

Here we go!!  Prom time.  Except it's more like nerd prom. 

 When your bartender can shake and stir at the same time.

Very classy sketch artist. It was Ryan's idea to get one and I love it actually. 

Saturday.  Lakshman is ready to go on rides since we are at a hotel.  HA. 

The revolving door works. 

We have to get a very early start but we stop for a quick bite at another old favorite. 

Cubscout camp! Guess who loves archery. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Thursday | Week in the Life 2017

7:34 | He is up and ready so he is begging for me to let him watch TV.  I give him my phone and ask him to take pictures for me instead. He asks if it is for the blog and then get his sister out of bed. 

7:36 | She is not pleased with the photos. Also, she is not to keen on getting out of bed.  She finally gets dressed.  All in pink, pink shirt, pink skirt and pink striped pants.  

7:56 | One last cuddle.  They are dressed like the PJ masks again.  Nandini in pink (red), Avinash is Blue Catboy and Lakshman is green gecko.  For the second day in a row but oh well.  Lakshman also wants to go with them to his school, but he doesn't have school today.  

9:23 | Instead he heads to my therapy appointment.  He behaves for about half of it.  Not bad for a three year old.  He asked me if they have toys there and when I said no he brought his own dinosaur toy along.  Then they watched videos on my phone together.

11:19 I head over to Lakshman's school for a teacher conference after my appointment.  They have childcare there but he is bummed because none of his friends are there.  Natalie gives me a good report on him.  Lots of great cognitive development over the year.  He knows his colors, he is interacting with his peers, both same age and older.  He is creative, he finds so many different uses for the stretch tubes in class.  Elephant trunks, elephant trunks to fight with, the letter O, a carousel for animals.  He also loves taking animals to the doctor and fixing things with tools.  He has good fine motor.  I don't tell her that he is really just trying to make boogers out of play-doh all the time.  He still won't eat snack. Texture is a major issue as is sensory seeking.  He is just starting to make 'representational art' and narrate books to himself. Just after she told me that, I saw him reading a book to himself (cookie monster eats cookies, etc.). 

11:57am | Another friend dropped off another birthday gift for me at the lab school.  It is a gorgeous mantra band that says, "She believed she could so she did."  I wore it all day and I already love looking down at it repeating that phrase over and over in my mind.  

12:06 | Lunch with Ryan at True Food Kitchen.  I ate cucumber noodles, so yeah, we felt like we could split a dessert.  Chocolate cake with caramel.  So good, and so much better when I don't have to fight for every bite.  Lakshman very carefully loaded his spoon up and took the tiniest tastes of ice cream.  He did a lot of his red chili noodles on his own too, winding them around the fork. 

 Today was game day for Avinash's GT class.  I literally missed the memo and haven't been getting emails from the teacher all year so I missed this one.  Parents and siblings were invited, so he went to the cafeteria and got Nandini himself.  They both asked me where I was when I picked him up.  I didn't know!

"Look! I have long hair!" Pants as hair is so hot right now. 

 3:16 pm | We had to come outside to check out all the butterflies on the Gregg's Mist flowers.  Nandini was just talking about butterfly day.  Well, butterfly day is here!  This is the first day the Queen butterflies have been here all year.  So happy. They are so thick already.  Lakshman toddles very carefully around the edge of the bed and touches one.  He wants to get his net and catch one (we don't).

The ornamental kale is taking over my fairy garden right.  Darn kale. 

4:11 | Nandini had popcorn for snack.  Of course because Thursday is always popcorn day.  
Avinash had a substitute and won a prize at the end of the day.  He choose a Paw Patrol eraser for his cousin and already has it wrapped up.  Lakshman finally sleeping in the car, we all drive Nandini to her friend who takes her to ballet class. 

4:46 | Back home and Avinash is dying to watch TV as usual.  I want him to take a little break first but he is pouting.  So I took his picture.  Ha. 

4:49 | I get my paints out and make my wreath for the day.  She believed she could so she did.  Of course.  So thankful for the beautiful inspiration. 

6:19 | Making dinner.  A pretty easy Blue Apron meal.  Crispy gnocchi in cheese sauce with broccoli.  I make chickpeas with it.  Avinash helps me a little bit.  We eat while Ryan goes to pick up Nandini.  I feed Lakshman his milk and a waffle. 

8:04 pm | Capturing the super important moments. Like going to Target to return stuff and then roaming the entire store to pick up essentials like giant popsicle piƱatas. 

9 PM | Bedtime stories from Grandma.  Lakshman wants the fish one.  They all tell her about their school day before she starts.  I love this woman so much. 

I am doing Week in the Life again this year along with Ali Edwards.  I have done this project for six years running in different forms.  

It is basically a mini album that focuses one normal week each year.  
A good combo of photos + words. 

You can see all my previous Week in the Life posts here

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