Thursday, July 28, 2016

Week in the Life | Tuesday Pages 2016

Two posts in less than a month?  I know, I'm like a machine! 

This is my second installment of my Week in the Life album this year.  This days cover photo turned out to be one of the favorite photos of the entire project.  

I love how taking photos repeatedly over a week really pushes me to look for new angles and try new things.  
I entirely used my iPhone this year for simplicity's sake.  

I just used a bubble wand to frame this photo and was lucky enough to have it turn out in focus! 

I ended up printing this photo out more than once by accident.  I cut one of the photos down to 3x8 and added a translucent overlay on top of it.  I love the lift the flap aspect it adds to the spread.  

On the back I added a little acrylic paint to some patterned paper and stapled on of the large plastic letters from Ali's kit to the back. 

Documenting a larger story on a shippping tag.  I could have typed it but adding in lines helps me keep my handwriting a little bit neater at least. 

So happy to get random little stories, like Avi's splinter removal, recorded too. 

I saved a seed packet that Lakshman planted for the album.  I don't think those broccoli ever did grow. 

 Repeating the week in the life stamps several times in a row here on this journaling card. Lots of yellow this day popping up again.

I added another 3x8 insert with back to back photos this time.  One side cozy (napping) and the other one wild (climbing the ladder).  That pretty much describes our life.

 Typed journaling on photos.  Takes a little bit longer to do up front, but I'm always so happy with the final result.  I love finding little bits of chipboard stickers to fit in on top of it.

I included another coin pocket page.  I alternated photos with transparency squares from an old SC kit.  I initially had them directly in the pockets, leaving them a little bit see through.  They ended up feeling too dark that way so I just back them with white paper stapled on.  This really lightened the look.  A scattering of white stars helped too. 

On the back I focused on photos from around the garden.  I could fill a whole album with these.

I just love it when my sticker fits my journaling perfectly.  Nothing better.

Stay tuned for the rest of my album.  You can see all my Week in the Life posts here

Currently // July 2016, Pokemon Go Edition

Like much of the world Pokemon Go has taken over our lives.  It was launched on July 6 and the kids had me download it by the 7th.  I normally do not go for video games, especially on my phone, but this hooked me right away.  Playing Pokemon Go together was basically our entire month.  I'm so glad I didn't sign them up for too many camps! 

Exploring tons of new parks around Austin.  The Vulpix have the right idea hanging out around the Fairy Tale House at Katherien Fleishcher park.  And I got enough to evolve a Ninetales. 

Reading together side by side in the little house when the wildflower center had a free day for Lady Bird Johnson Day.

Tackling some pretty amazing waterslides at Milburn park while out hunting for Dratinis.  Still looking for that Dragonite though.

Taking in all the magic of Deep Eddy Pool.  The cold spring water feels nothing short of miraculous in our 100-degree Texas heat.

Making new friends before Kindergarten starts.

Waving the flag and being very patriotic just generally.

Finding squirtle at the Capitol.  Hanging out by the water of course.

Painting Pikachu noses and cheeks on ourselves with red stamps found in party favor bags (thanks guys!).

Catching our favorite of all, Pikachu!!  Lakshman talks about him endlessly and so excited for this picture.  He carries his Pikachu doll from his birthday around with him everywhere now. 

Lakshman and I are currently in Dallas for a month long inpatient feeding therapy program.  We are super lucky to have one of these programs within driving distance.

We knew we were going to miss everyone while we are away so it was a good thing we kept very busy before going!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week in the Life 2016 | Monday Pages

This year's Week in the Life Album is finally complete.  The little ones had five weeks of summer camp, and I imagined I would get millions of things done during this time.  I have virtually no idea where all that time went.  I think I spent most of it at the gym, running errands, getting coffee or hanging out with a friend. 

I did finally finish up with my week in the life album.  I did a lot of journaling using the letterglow app on my phone and printing directly from there.  It took a lot of extra time.  I worked backwards from there and would go back and forth adding embellishments. 

I used the Ali Edwards kit and lots of other leftovers from my kit club stashes.  I punched holes in the star transparency and used vellum adhesive to adhere the wood veneer numbers.

The black chipboard alphas are from the AE kit and are the perfect size for a 6x8 album.

I alternated photos and acrylic white hearts in this mini pocket page.

 Nandini was at camp this week and Lakshman was home with me.

We had a very exciting Monday.  Nandini had a playdate and my friend Sky surprised us from out of town.

The kids had more friends over in the evening.  And then a nerf dart /clue game fight with Ryan when he got home from work.  Phew.

 I added an extra 4x6 photo pocket for this smiling face.

Late bedtimes and Harry Potter reading.  I used the new stamp set from Life.Love.Paper for this pocket.

A list of Lakshman's goodnights.  

I will be back with more pages tomorrow!  

Friday, July 1, 2016

Around here // June 2016

She // 
is so busy at camp.
wants nothing more than to be sassy. 
is still so shy in the classroom, she only answers when she wants to, which is almost never. 
lets her mom tag along on all her field trips around UT. 

I am running almost every day now.  Luckily there is lots of interesting things to see.  Like this giant spider being paralyzed and carried away by a tarantula hawk. Wow! 

He //
is cuter than cute. 
talks all the time.  He loves to brag.  Like about his snack at school, "I eat lemonon all ... time, I eat crackers all time."
asked for a haircut AND lollipop when he saw Nana.  His wish was granted of course.  I've never seen anyone so joyful over one little lollipop.  He laughed, showed his sister his blue tongue and then laughed some more. 

She //
is technically finished with Whole30, but hasn't stopped just yet.  We decided to keep it going since I'm still losing weight. 
is psyched about feeling healthier.  And having my clothes fit better finally. 
is busy organizing everything that needs to happen when I take Lakshman to Dallas to be in the hospital for a month.  
started keeping a planner as well.  Loving how it keeps me sane when I'm sitting at dance class or something. 

He //
is going crazy with boredom this summer. 
Did two weeks of golf camp, but it clearly wasn't enough. 
is saving up dimes to buy himself his own ipad.  Poor kid. 
finished reading the first book of Harry Potter.  

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