Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rainbows and Pi Day: March Projects In Progress

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Living in Houston has given me new love for March.  In Pennsylvania, I am just too cold to think about anything.  But now that I am warm enough, I find that this month holds plenty of inspiration.

Rainbows and pots of gold.

Pie fights and pie charts for Pi Day.

Lions and lambs.

Flying kites.

Playing Holi with all the colors of spring.

We are gearing up for Nandini's Birthday Party over here.  Her birthday is on March 14, so she is our Pi Day Baby.

I made this 100 numbers of Pi hanging garland for her last year. Ryan's idea that she would absorb all the numbers after we hang it up hasn't really panned out, but I still like it.

And, the year before that I made her this Rainbow Entrelac Blanket.  One of my favorite and most fun knitting projects by far.  The pattern is available here.

This year I am working on pie chart birthday invitations for her.  I used old fashioned eyelets and brads so it really spins! My friend Shery helped me design the insides with all the details.  I ended up switching the picture at the last minute because I found a Cutie Pie shirt at Old Navy, perfect!  I made the Spin Me banners with my Silhouette and put them on with pop dots. 

Now, I am also working on a chalkboard banner for the party.  Do you have any fun March projects coming up?

I have a lot of fun crafts save on my pinterest boards and want to try so many of the projects on there. So much inspiration! 

the ultimate pie day


  1. How fun are those invitaions! You are truly talented and uber creative :)

  2. Oh my gosh. So adorable! Pi baby. :)

  3. Love that blanket!! Well done!
    Amy Houston Texas - from Kelly's Korner


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