Saturday, September 2, 2017

4 Projects to get you excited for fall with the Cocoa Daisy Early Sunset kit!!


Neglected Garden// Nandini and I love listening to this Studio Ghibli song, it is on almost constant repeat these days. I have been wanting to put the lyrics on a page for a while and this gorgeous patterned paper was perfect for it. I fussy cut the large flowers out but I wanted to create a definite space for them to occupy on the oage. I went through so many ideas in my head but eventually settled on a water color and stitched border.  

Autumn// This page came together as a little bit of an elaborate grid. I balanced out all the different colors and oatterns with the plain white bubbles die cut, a version of the design on this month's stamp set.

 PL spread // I love the garden theme in this month's kit. Which of course to me meant faerie garden. The foxes were too sweet and reminded me of Lakshman so much, even though he wants to be a big boy, not a baby and he now wants to be a gecko.

Eclipse // This is definitely one of my favorite projects in a while. I will post a video with more details of how I created this shortly. The shiny sequins and constellation rub ons were just so cool!  

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