Saturday, June 7, 2014

Throwing a Frozen Birthday Party

Avinash and his friends are all obsessed with Frozen of course.  Nandini would listen to nothing else but the let it go song all day if we let her.  She's particularly good at belting out the "I don't care" part.  I'm tempted to remind her to "be the good girl" she always had to be, but then I think maybe I shouldn't be giving parenting advice from Frozen.

Still, when one of his friend's wanted a Frozen party I jumped at the chance to help her mom plan the whole thing.  Planning parties is so much fun for me, and so far I have only gotten to do it twice a year.  Oh, Lakshman's first birthday is going to be awesome.

The first thing we did was brainstorm.  And by that I mean jump on pinterest for way longer than is necessary. Seriously, how did anybody plan parties before this? 

There are a million ideas on there and we certainly weren't going to execute all of them but it gave us a good starting point.  Like the color scheme for the cake and the idea to get a figurine play set as a cake topper.  Kind of like semi-homemade cake decorating Frozen style. I couldn't find the same figurine set we used on line(update: they are back in stock for now!), but Amazon does the Elsa doll back in stock! Score! Those things were seriously over priced on Ebay.

 I love how the cake turned out.  The snowy mountain cones are something I picked up at Target's christmas clearance.  We did three different colors of frosting on the outside as well to add more color.

 Around the house she put lots of little touches, like purple flowers.

 Purple and blue snowflake cookies. Homemade and pretty simple, but very cute.

Melted Snowman water bottle labels. 

The craft we set up was to make your own Olaf out of marshmallows.  The kids really loved this and it was a nice break from them trying to jump off the top of the bounce house.   We used food markers to paint on the smile and buttons. The eyes are edible too. We used decorating glue and toothpicks to hold the marshmallows together. The noses are orange tic tacs. The hair is little bits of black licorice cut up.

 As favors, we ordered these super cute Frozen Little Golden Books.


  1. oh my goodness! How fabulous are you?!?! Yes - the Frozen phenomenon has taken hold in my house as well.... and I indeed have mixed emotions about that let it go song - lol. Yes - I am thinking my girls should be the good girls they always have to be too! HA!

  2. What a sweet party! You did an excellent job.
    I found you via the SITS Girls linky, you had a Frozen Birthday Party, I HAD to stop by.

  3. Stunning party! You put a lot of effort in. I liked the cake and star cookies. All your blue colouring is beautiful. Pop by my blog to see my truck party for my kid! (

  4. So cute! How did you get your marshmallows to stick together?

  5. Wow what a sweet party! Realy you put a lot of effort in.I liked the cake & cake color.I know a very beautiful place to celebrate ur kids birthday party, for see just visit for sharing.


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