Friday, May 27, 2011

parenting 101 - Niru and Ryan style

11:53 PM me: She just fell asleep again
11:54 PM Ryan: cool
12:01 AM Ryan: can't wait to see you and Avi too
  and Nandini
 me: O
12:02 AM Ryan: ?
 me: Nandini fell asleep on me
12:06 AM Ryan: awww
  it's very comfortable!
12:09 AM :-)
  is that how she is lying now?
 me: Yes
12:10 AM Ryan: awwww
12:23 AM me: Did you know your son got in a fight today?
 Ryan: NO
  with who?
12:24 AM me: Some kid at school
  Over a toy they both wanted
12:25 AM Ryan: wow
  so what happened?
12:26 AM me: Avi's nose was scratched
 Ryan: wow
  how did the other kid look? broken jaw?
 me: There was a written report but I can't find it
12:27 AM Haha
  No idea! It was hard enough to get any info from my parents
12:28 AM Ryan: a written report
12:30 AM me: Yea
 Ryan: oh now
  well..he loves his
  he needs to learn how to share
 me: Ugh
12:31 AM Ryan: did you say anything about it to him?
 me: He does.
  A bit
12:33 AM Ryan: haah
12:37 AM that toy was probably very cool
12:38 AM me: I doubt it
12:44 AM Ryan: huh? I don't know
  I'm interested in hearing more about thts fight
 me: Me too
12:46 AM Ryan: do they have a write-up at the office
  maybe Avi was defending
12:47 AM At that point, he doesn't have to share
  and concede his toy

5 minutes
1:01 AM everyone at work is talking about my stolen cupcakes

1:02 AM me: You should subpoena the flight manifesto
 Ryan: hahhaha
  what did you see?
  yeah...or the black box
  the pilot could have eaten it

1:03 AM Ryan: oh
  I mean..who steals cupcakes from a passenger
 me: You should call the cops on your seatmate
 Ryan: haha..yeah...I should have
  call over the air marshall
1:04 AM me: You screwed the pooch on that one
 Ryan: ah well
 me: Sorry ... made love to the pooch
 Ryan: hahaha
1:05 AM yeah...I guess part of me was mad at myself for buying those cupcakse to begn with
  so...I got what I deserved
  I've decided that it is our goal, in respecting your heritage, to make that Avinash's style as well
1:12 AM me: C'mon!
  Octopus overalls are cool!
 Ryan: and if we need to use kajal and give him a unibrow, then so be it
1:13 AM every day before school, we need to require him to stretch his socks as high up his leg as possible
 me: I was thinking Nandini needs a shiny bowl cut
 Ryan: haha
 me: As soon as she grows hair
1:14 AM Ryan: that sounds perfect....might I also add bushy eyebrows
  and nerdy glasses
  too far?
 me: How about ill fitting pants and no socks?
1:15 AM For avi
  No to the eyebrows
1:17 AM
 Ryan: darn
  okay...fine...ill fitting pants it is
1:18 AM let's just look at Anuj's pictures at age 9 and replicate
1:34 AM Ryan:
1:35 AM can't wait to see you tomorrow!
1:36 AM me: Bye.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby's got a brand new hat..

Isn't she the cutest little pixie baby?

And she clearly needed a handmade hat to complete the effect.

    I actually started knitting this for Nandini this weekend.  And am totally shocked/pleased with myself for being already done with it. (If you are interested you can find the pattern here.)  It's a very good pattern for beginners I think and doesn't require any annoying 'knitting in the round.'  I did get a little tripped up by the phrase 'knit the knits and purl the purls.'  I mean, is it meant to obfuscate on purpose?  That is why the edge looks a little ruffly and is not in the same ribbing pattern.  I decided to leave it like that because I ended up liking the effect.  I have a little bit of finishing to do, but I was too excited not to share.

Nandini mid-sneeze, this may be my favorite picture of the day.  I thought I got a picture of her sneezing with my phone the other day, but the stupid thing froze and I was so crushed I missed the photo - luckily this makes up for it.

Ryan has been requesting pictures of the hat (and the baby of course).   She is so much more alert all the time now, look at those eyes!

Vintage baby photo edits of baby in a vintage baby knit hat. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

i guess we don't have to worry about her gathering moss...

We now have a regular little roller on our hands.  You know what this means...somebody is growing up.  No more unsupervised late nights on the couch for you young lady.

I had actually never seen her roll before, but did leave her in the living room on her tummy (for a second, I swear!) and came back to find her on her back.  She was only two weeks old at that point and had never repeated that feat.  I chalked it up to the fact that she is getting just a little to chunku for herself and can no longer lift her own body weight.  I mean the weight of her cheeks alone...

Of course she had to show off today at the doctor's office.  The pedi was commenting on how high she was lifting her head and asked if she could roll.  Two seconds after I said not really, our little miss rolled herself right over.  The doctor then put her on her tummy again and she did it again!  I guess that just shows how much credibility I have at the doctor's office (what's up with the mom who doesn't even know her child can roll!)..

And, in case you were wondering, her stats are really good too.  She is 9 pounds, 10 ounces and 22 inches long.  Which is 50%-ile!!  Shocking, I know.  Maybe she'll be the tall one in the family?  And, get a little payback on her older brother for all those overzealous hugs.  ;)

PS- thanks to Leanne for the gorgeous new bibs.  I was never into bibs because they tend to be sort of fugly, but these are really wonderfully made.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

NSD layout challenges

Being back in Houston means lots of time to scrapbook.  I love doing all of these adorable new baby layouts of Nandini.  When I think of it now, I know that she really couldn't be less interested in her album.  Hopefully she really will like it someday though!

First Holi
*SC stamping

I really love this circle stamp from SC and waited so long to get it.  I stamped this and used bright red embossing powder.  Then I added little brads and buttons all over in different colors.  I don't think my love was unfounded at all, I am so excited by how this turned out.

My reluctant dragon
*SC wood veneers

Using by 8x10 photos makes pages come together so quickly for me.  I used the SC butterfly wood veneers and used paint dabbers to give them a sort of hombre blue shade.  I added even more depth with Maya bingo wood pieces.  I love the earthy feel it gives the page, very reminiscent of ren-fair.

tummy time
*patterned paper
*JBS stamps

I am totally addicted to embossing right now and used it again here.  The little white sunburst gets so much more depth from being embossed instead of just inked on.  Plus, I had to do something special for the LO about the first time Nandini rolled over (at two weeks!).

Cheese, baby!
*SC multiphoto
*story behind the photo


I had so many random little pictures on my memory card from Nandini's delivery which were taken by her proud big brother.  They are so hilarious, but mostly just blurry shots of the blanket or his own finger on the lens, that it took a while for me to figure out how I ought to do it.  I ended up making a photo grid on picasa with them and framing it in this polaroid chipboard.  Note how he did manage to get at least one good picture!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Project life.

We just got back from Pennsylvania yesterday and I finally got to sit down and go through my photos from April last night.

April 16 - We flew into Philly late the night before.  We were so excited to see our baby boy again.

Lily! In April! Despite the downpour (and arriving after the cake was cut), we had a great time at Lily's fourth birthday.

April 18 - I turned thirty-scary. Mona didi, Mike and Lily came over for a play date before they went back to California!  We all love hanging out with them.

April 19 - Nandini and Nana.  I love that she gets to bond so much with my parents at home.

April 20 - Our dinner at Per Se.  This is the first course, "oil and vinegar" with green tomato sorbet.  Mmmmm...

April 21 - Picking Avi up from "school."  He is always so happy to come home. 

April 23 - We took Avi to New York for brunch, the Natural History Museum and Shake Shack!  I had a great time and almost wanted to skip the museum and just go somewhere for more food. 

April 24 - Easter!!  We don't really celebrate at all, but we did go to the park and get Nandini dressed up for some pictures.

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