Friday, October 31, 2014

Week in the Life | Friday Photos + Pages

Friday | Photos + Words

Today was so much fun............. and craziness, and costumes, and being stuck in traffic, and getting our cart shoved out of the way by manic people at Target, and more costumes, and more traffic, and candy, and very little actual food, and lots of forced photo sessions by mama.  Still, now that I sit back and bask in the glow of my computer while Nandini not so quietly sings to herself in bed and the boys sleep I can say that today really was a great day. 


 Second breakfast, that was more like elevensies really.

 First forced photo shoot of the day.  Not pictured is the forced bath time which I was only about 2/3 successful in.

 No school but we did have a school play date.  This is what I got when I asked them to smile.  The unposed photos are a giant blur. Of course.

 Mini photo shoot for Paddington with his little suit case and hat.

 He has his own pumpkin candy basket too. I bought last year on clearance while he was still in utero, I just can't find it anymore.

 No one else is looking and my knees are so ashy but I am in the picture finally.

 So many houses equals

 so much candy

and a bear shouting "EAT".  Then his parents stole all his halloween candy. The end. Ha!

Wednesday | Album Pages

If you are following along with week in the life, you may be wondering, what happened to Thursday.  Well, Thursday took a miss and went straight on into Friday.  I do intend to do the pages now but really don't see the point in going back to blog about the pictures.  Not that you really care I'm sure.

 Pages is like these is why I love this project so much.  Would I ever normally get this picture? Doubtful.  How long does the cheerio phase last?  About half a blink and an eternity in sweeping time.

 A few cork stars and more black and white stamping.

 I cut up one gold transparency and used it on the inside pages here.

Hope you had a great holiday tonight and an awesome weekend ahead!  Will be back with more tomorrow. :)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week in the Life 2014| Wednesday Photos & Album Progress

Wednesday | Photos + Words

Rushed morning getting ready for school. Giving Cheerios to the baby for breakfast. Then a little playtime before a short nap.  Pickup Nandini from school and meet some friends for lunch. Back to school to get Avinash and his friend. Run all five kids around to get gas and a butter beer little from Starbucks. And a few ring pops and donuts for the kids. They played at home for a bit with her new hello kitty Ferris wheel. Then turn around and drive to ballet class. No more complaints from the teacher about Avinash's laces this week.  One compliment maybe? Nandini wrote out our names while we waited. Lakshman toddled around a bit.  Some of the kids played statues in the park after class and he kept trying to crawl over to join in. We drove home and made cards for Ryan's birthday. We went out again for some birthday shopping and dinner. The kids ran around smelling every candle and perfume. Then, basically collapse at home. 

Tuesday Album Pages

I love these little flip up pages. Black and white stamping. A bit of washi and lots of writing. Feeling unusually happy with my handwriting. Mini albums are so much fun.

Are you doing Week in the Life? How is the progress coming? Please feel free to share your links here for me to check out too! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week in the Life 2014| Tuesday Photos + Album pages

 Here are my Monday pages so far. I have six photos printed but may add in some more.

 A little flip up page with journaling inside.

Tuesday Photos + Words

 Telling us all about her favorite colors and making bread at school.  She couldn't wait for us to try it.

A little coloring together after kindergarten. For a brief moment they even shared colors. 

Coffee (with butterscotch) in the morning.  Butterbeer in the evening. 

The story of today is definitely the Thriller Flash Mob.  I brought out my old facepainting kit to do zombie make up for the girls. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week in the Life 2014 | Monday & Getting started

I am doing a memory keeping exercise this week that is rapidly becoming an annual tradition for me called Week in the Life. I loved my album so much last year, I figured why not do it again?

Getting Started| The Planning

One of my journaling ideas from last year that I really loved was to include lists. Each day I included a list of different life details.  Here is what I included: animals, books, meals, happy thoughts (counting my blessings), songs, good behavior moments (so easy to forget otherwise) and games we played.

I also kept a running document in my email of quotes that people said throughout the week.  At the end I compiled them all onto an additional spread.  It turned out to be my favorite page of the week.  No pictures, just words.  Looking back now is so fun because things that I took for granted have changed dramatically.  Nandini is no longer the baby.  There is a fifth person in the mix.  We are all a bit wiser. 

You can take a look at those pages I created last year over here too if you are interested.

The album

I debated back and forth about what type of album to use. I used 8.5x11 to make mine last year. I loved the size because it was so easy to print out full page photos. I also could use trimmed down PL cards for all the inserts.

I decided I wanted to try a change this year and go smaller. I didn't want the pressure of having too find too much content. I thought about doing a nice 6x8 handbook. It still comes with divided pages for PL cards.  But in the end it was a cute 4x4 mini from WRMK that won out. I used one before for a Disney mini, which was basically a week long trip.  Plus, I like the eclectic possibilities it seems to allow in terms of mixed media inserts from little envelopes or transparencies.

The Supplies

I didn't buy a kit this year (nor did I last year).  I do have plenty of my own stash though just waiting for me to dig into. I grabbed a few coordinating things to use as the week unfolds.  This allows me some built in continuity for the album without creating too rigid a structure.  I started with some fun day of the week dividers.  Just a screen printed transparency cut and holes punched in. 

I added some stamp sets, additional transparencies and a few patterned paper sheets.  Mostly a blue and gold color palette. Not sure how I will use that yet or not. I also decided to go with a lot of circular design elements to contrast the blocky album.

The photos

I am mainly using my iPhone for this project. I use VSCOcam to edit all my photos.  Easy, simple and great quality. Done.

I am also printing at home. A mix of full pages and collages. So much faster and easier for me. Since I am working on it during the week, fitting in printing photos daily is more streamlined at home. Just a quick dash to the printer whenever I have a bit of free time to work.

More Monday Highlights


I am going to blog about my progress each day this week.  I will probably blog my album pages a day later. I am also sharing snippets on instagram and just tagging them #weekinthelife.  If you are playing along, let me know I'd love to follow along with you too!
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