Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Family-filled weekend.

We hadn't been back East since my maternity leave. So, when I had an unprecedented two weekends off in a row we decided to go to Allentown and New Jersey this past weekend.

Me and Avi playing peekaboo. It still gets a laugh every time.

Playing with Great-grandma Dorothy and trying to grab the camera.

More monkey business.

Avi with his aunts, Great Aunt Shelley, Great-Aunt Jill and Aunt Amanda, aka Amanda Bua. And Ryan of course (not one of the aunts, just hogging the baby).

The family shot! Could only get like 75% of the people in the picture at any one time though... Ok, let's see, Randi, Stacey, Uncle Mel, Grandma Dorothy, Sherry, my mom, Aunt Shelley, Aunt Jill, Uncle Steve, then last row is me, Ryan, Avi and Amanda.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Being babied.

I swear, Avinash was the cutest little boy last night. He has really been soaking up all the extra attention he has been getting from my Mom this past week. He was out all day with her too, running errands, going out to lunch with friends, getting the oil changed. Then we went out again after I got home to see Ryan up on stage at the Houston Tea Party.

You would think all of this activity would tire him out completely. But no! He was so playful and adorable all night. My mom and I just laid down a sheet on the carpet getting ready to massage him. He crawled and scooted all over, laughing the whole time.

Then of course we both got baby oil back massages from my Mom. I love being babied. It does tend to make me revert a bit, though she says she doesn't take it personally...


Check out Ryan's interview about the Tea Party.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Birthday Surprise!

Ryan came home from work the other day carting this big messy package.

He couldn't exactly hide it from me.

And, the loving husband that he is, he told me it was a birthday present.

And because he knows how many long hours I've been working, he even let me open it (almost a week in advance).


The most gorgeous present ever so far.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Half-year mark.

Avinash is six months already!! I really can't believe it. He is growing and learning so much every day. I feel like I am seeing the world through new eyes everytime he discovers something new.

He has been exploring his toes a lot lately, the shape, sight, feel and most of all taste!

His favorite food list keeps growing. We started out with banana and avocado. (Thanks in large part to my mom who will feed him practically anything), he is now also loving mango, which he sucks directly off of the seed, yellow dhal, rice, black beans, carrots. She also gave him a taste of subji masala, which he liked but I haven't fed him since. She also gave him chocolate cookies, sigh..

And the cutest thing of all is his laugh! He finds so many different things hilarious now
1. Flying
2. Bouncing on Daddy's knee
3. Mommy's sneezes
4. Snapping
5. Tossing hair
6. Sitting on me while I do crunches (poorly)
7. Raspberries on his tummy

We took him out to Barnes & Nobles for his six month birthday so we could get him some new books. We let him pick out which one he thought was tastiest, er, best.

Happy Six months Avinash!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thumak Chalat Ram Chandra, bajat Payjaneea...

Avinash has been working out a lot. Tummy time, jumping up and down on Daddy's knee, flying through the air, rolling over, pulling on the light handle. And, all of his hard work is starting to pay some major dividends. He was starting to crawl -- but only backwards. And, the whole time he was going he would cry out of frustration it seemed. When I'm cooking dinner, I often put him down right outside fo the kitchen so that he can see me and we can talk. Today, he rolled himself over and somehow made his way over into the kitchen by himself. He finally started moving forward!

Now, what are we to do with our on the go baby? How can we keep tabs on him?

Why, put payal on him of course!

And kajal too.

That always helps!
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