Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week in the Life 2016 | Monday Pages

This year's Week in the Life Album is finally complete.  The little ones had five weeks of summer camp, and I imagined I would get millions of things done during this time.  I have virtually no idea where all that time went.  I think I spent most of it at the gym, running errands, getting coffee or hanging out with a friend. 

I did finally finish up with my week in the life album.  I did a lot of journaling using the letterglow app on my phone and printing directly from there.  It took a lot of extra time.  I worked backwards from there and would go back and forth adding embellishments. 

I used the Ali Edwards kit and lots of other leftovers from my kit club stashes.  I punched holes in the star transparency and used vellum adhesive to adhere the wood veneer numbers.

The black chipboard alphas are from the AE kit and are the perfect size for a 6x8 album.

I alternated photos and acrylic white hearts in this mini pocket page.

 Nandini was at camp this week and Lakshman was home with me.

We had a very exciting Monday.  Nandini had a playdate and my friend Sky surprised us from out of town.

The kids had more friends over in the evening.  And then a nerf dart /clue game fight with Ryan when he got home from work.  Phew.

 I added an extra 4x6 photo pocket for this smiling face.

Late bedtimes and Harry Potter reading.  I used the new stamp set from Life.Love.Paper for this pocket.

A list of Lakshman's goodnights.  

I will be back with more pages tomorrow!  

Friday, July 1, 2016

Around here // June 2016

She // 
is so busy at camp.
wants nothing more than to be sassy. 
is still so shy in the classroom, she only answers when she wants to, which is almost never. 
lets her mom tag along on all her field trips around UT. 

I am running almost every day now.  Luckily there is lots of interesting things to see.  Like this giant spider being paralyzed and carried away by a tarantula hawk. Wow! 

He //
is cuter than cute. 
talks all the time.  He loves to brag.  Like about his snack at school, "I eat lemonon all ... time, I eat crackers all time."
asked for a haircut AND lollipop when he saw Nana.  His wish was granted of course.  I've never seen anyone so joyful over one little lollipop.  He laughed, showed his sister his blue tongue and then laughed some more. 

She //
is technically finished with Whole30, but hasn't stopped just yet.  We decided to keep it going since I'm still losing weight. 
is psyched about feeling healthier.  And having my clothes fit better finally. 
is busy organizing everything that needs to happen when I take Lakshman to Dallas to be in the hospital for a month.  
started keeping a planner as well.  Loving how it keeps me sane when I'm sitting at dance class or something. 

He //
is going crazy with boredom this summer. 
Did two weeks of golf camp, but it clearly wasn't enough. 
is saving up dimes to buy himself his own ipad.  Poor kid. 
finished reading the first book of Harry Potter.  

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cocoa Daisy Firefly Kit - July Projects

These are my July Scrapbook Layouts for Cocoa Daisy.  This kit is called Firefly and it really captured the sense of a fun and whimsical summer.  

The cut files this month included a fun cloud shape, which I layered on top of each other in blues and rainbow dots too.  

These chipboard pieces from Pinkfresh Studios were a favorite item again this month. 

Camp Rocky River // The kids are having so much fun at summer camps this year.  I was truly blown away when one of the counselors captured this image of her.  So much joy! I had to sprinkle happy little clouds all over this happy picture.  Love these Simple Stories die cuts from the BYOAO as journaling spots.

DITL Sunshine // I love the stamps in the DITL kit this month.  Tons of fun speech bubbles with cute sayings.  I stamped a bunch here in flamingo pink and raised them up with pop dots.   

 DITL Happy // I love the simple bold colors.  I think they really lend themselves to pocket scrapping and letting your photos stand out.  I embellished the page simply with more of the Pinkfresh chipboard and a stamped speech bubble.  I also added the happy tag because that picture was taken on my birthday.

DITL Sweet // I go back and forth between computer journaling and hand journaling.  I used the collect app on and off to record memories and printed many of these pictures with captions from that. I love being able to balance my full color, full bleed (ie, no white space) photos with these graphic black and white cards here.

 DITL Right Now // I used lots of splashes of yellow on this page.  Even though there are a lot of other colors going on, it gives the page cohesion. The wood veneer hearts are also from Pinkfresh studio.  The Simple Stories Die Cuts from the BYO Add-on make great journaling spots again.

Summer 2016 // Another awesome picture from camp this summer!  I cut up the summer bucketlist DITL card and added it here.  I added fancy pants die cuts here across the page.  I really love these pattern papers.  The watercolor paper is full of stars and butterflies and is plenty summery.

I hope you love these kits as much as I do.  Head over to Cocoa Daisy to check out the kits and to customize your own add-on with fun pieces from the BYOAO section too!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Pre-school Graduation // Congrats Nandini!!

Pre-school graduations don't need to be too complicated or drawn out.  We kept Nandini's nice and simple and I couldn't have been more pleased.  After all the festivities at Avinash's kindergarten graduation last year, I knew that I had to do something special for her as well.  

Nandini has known these kids since she was two years old!  They are best friends and I'm so proud to see them growing up together.  

In truth, I still see them as little ones, but they are growing up and learning so much already.   

I made a simple garland with a kit from Target.  I got these cute mortarboard headbands from there as well.  The diplomas were a copy of UT's that I made in photo shop.  A nice gothic font goes a long way. 

Way to go Nandini!  You are so bright and I can't wait to see how much you like being in the big school for kindergarten.  I pray that she finds more confidence and will make friends there too. 

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