Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby prep.

I am done with one set of the rainbow on the new baby blanket.  I love working on it so much, all the color changes make it alot of fun actually.  It is already big enough to hold EO.  Avinash was so excited to try it on him last night. 

EO fweep in dere!  Cheese!

We started asking Avinash about the new baby more and more.  He likes playing with the baby dolls at the museum and wrapping them up in blankets.  We asked him if he would like to get a new baby and he always say yes.  So, we told him that he'll be able to go to the hospital and pick one out soon!  I showed him a video from his birth (it was all shot after he was completely delivered and while he was being placed in my arms).  He still asked if the baby came from the did he figure that? Ha!  I have high hopes that he will do well with the transition.  Luckily, we have so many family members coming to help out that I think all the extra attention will help!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Project Life

I have gotten behind a bit with project life the past two weeks. This is more of an overview of February than a daily look at the past week. I figure it is better than nothing! I guess it is expected given everything that has been going on lately!

Friday, February 11

Avinash loves splashing in the bath.  He is diligently filling the big bottle up using the smaller bottle and alternately taking swigs from it himself, ha!

Saturday, February 12

We went to sweet little Nisha's second birthday party at Gymboree.  She and Avi played really well together and loved riding around this thing together.  Her baby brother was born only a few hours later, wow!

Sunday, February 13
We took Avi to the zoo, he expecially wanted to visit the baby mms. I love that the zoo has two baby elephants right now.  He is climbing all over the elephant statue Tikka here.
Thursday, February 17
We went out tonight (instead of Valentine's Day) to Hugo's for dinner and Marks for another blueberry marscapone tart. Soo delicious.

When we got home Captain Avinash was going for a ride in his boat.  ('wide in dere! boat!')

Friday, February 18
Avi grabbed two stuffed animals for our walk tonight.  EO Lala!!  This was also the night of the huge full moon.  He loved spotting as we walked.

Sunday, February 20
We took another trip to the zoo today because Avi had been begging to go see the EO's.  This is a picture of me at 35 weeks.  Whoa, getting bigger..
One more from Sunday... Avinash eating sugar at Shri Balaji Bhavan's before dinner.  Part of his pre-dinner routine here now.  He still wolfed down dosa (without subji) and gol guppa.  He loves trying to crack them open and stuff chickpeas inside them.  The chaat here is so good, it is like comfort food to me.  Sunday was a great night, we went to babies r' us first and did some baby shopping and then watched a dvd when we got home.  Overall, very fun and relaxing.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My rainbow entrelac baby blanket


Just thought I would share my latest work in progress.  It is a baby blanket done in using a basic interlace pattern.  I will post the pattern later in case anyone is curious.  I decided to make it rainbow colored and the interlace pattern seemed like a perfect fit for that since it really highlights color changes well.  I added a gray border as well to help it look more polished.  I bought the yarn on Monday and am almost finished with purple, but I need to do at least two or three rainbows before it is done.  Ryan and I were joking about how i'll have to knit through labor if new baby comes early!

Full moon.

I have to say, the moon looked enormous on friday night.  I had read earlier that day that the full moon.  Well, I am really excited to have this baby, but 35 weeks just feels too early.  So, I tried not to do anything to drastic.  Well, sure enough, after dinner I started feeling my belly tense up.  Hmm, having scrambled eggs with salsa and jalepeno may not have been the best call.  I started contracting sporadically after that for the rest of night.  I finally slept at 3 am and woke up three hours later with the same thing.  Luckily it started to subside and I haven't had any since.  I am really looking forward to my doctors appt Monday morning now to see if she has any predictions about the babys arrival date!



I went to the doctor Monday morning for a routine check up.  Told her about Friday night but she was planning on checking me anyway.  Turns out I am 3cm dilated already, eeeeeek!!  She was even talking about the feeling the baby's cranial sutures.  Whoa.   I guess this baby is head down and wanting to come out.  I have an ultrasound tomorrow to double check the position and the size.  I am praying that the baby is not too tiny at this point.  I am only 35 weeks and a couple of days, so if I deliver the baby now it will be a bit pre-mature.  

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Super Beast!

I had to share this note I got from Avinash's gymnastics class.  It totally made my day.  He really is such a joy to watch at gymnastics.  He listens to his teacher now, follows instructions, waits in line for his turn and shares (occasionally).  I am so proud of him when he waits to jump onto the parachute. He can do so many cool things, like swing on the rings, walk across the balance beam, do a somersault on his own and hang onto the bars.  Of course he still loves just running around in a circle, especially when another kid joins him. 



I have attached a picture of Avinash from class a couple weeks ago when he did a make-up in my class. I can't believe how much he has grown over the past couple years. I remember when he first started and he wasn't even walking yet in my Birds class. Now he is such an independent, confident Super Beast trying things all by himself. Hopefully you can share this with Ryan and others who don't get to come every week.

Happy Handstands,


Monday, February 14, 2011


or, Monkey in a shark Hat going down the Slide.

I love these pictures from one of our random trips to the children's museum. We went for the Diwali show that day, which turned out to be a bit boring. So we snuck out in the middle and found the coolest blanket-fort making area. I was way more into it than Avinash, who was totally pre-occupied with face painting. I love how wild and disheveled Ryan and I look in these picture too. Might as well show how we are in real life.

I love using bright white cardstock for colorful pictures like these.  It was looking a bit too plain though, so I decided to stencil on some yellow stars using a studio calico wooden sticker sheet as a template.  I dabbed the paint in the center and used my fingers to spread it out to the edges.  I used one of the Jenni Bowlin Ranger paint dabbers (in lemon drops-love that name).  The first few I did are less precise than the rest, but I still like the overall effect.  It doesn't have to be perfect anyway, definitely gives it the hand painted look.


I decided to string up the title on some maya road banner chipboard.  I love that font too.  It looks so striking.  I just used the B-side of the pattern paper to make the double photo mat.


I love doing mini-titles too with rub ons.  I used to do this a lot when I first started scrapbooking and want to try to do it more.  Putting all those rub ons on can get a bit tedious, but it gives the title such a finished look.  Plus, I just think it is hilarious how Avinash stuffed his monkey into his shark hat for rides down the slide.  What a crazy baby.

And, finally I added a few more stars and buttons around the edges for a little extra whimsy.  Well, that's all for now!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

34 weeks.

8 1/2 months down, one more to go! I am getting more and more excited every day. I thought it started to feel really real when my doctor and I decided to schedule an induction date just in case. Then, today, a friend of mine finds out that she is about to her March baby any day now. Gah! So crazy and excited I can't stand it. She is a little further along than me, but I guess you never know!
I am overall enjoying this pregnancy and not trying to rush it along too much.
Truth, I am getting bigger. A friend I hadn't seen since December told me that I have started getting huge. Um, thanks? Moving around is a bit tough at times.
Ryan laughs at me a little whenever I ask for him to help me get up. What? I don't ask all the time, but sometimes I get into a spot I can't get out of..
I tend to forget what it was like with Avinash around this time. Apparently I couldn't move much then either. The main thing I remember with him is swollen feet and legs. Thankfully, I am in the clear on that one for now.
What else? I am really loving the cravings I get. I don't have heartburn or nausea anymore, so I can pretty much eat anything I want. I love anything spicy. I used to throw whole chilis in food, just for the flavor, and then fish them out in the end. Now, I dice them up fine and put in one or two at least. Sooo good. (Luckily, Avinash didn't seem to mind the spicy macaroni and cheese I made for dinner tonight. In fact, I think he liked more than he likes velveeta. Victory! Seriously I feel sooo relieved anytime he eats anything, and if it is something that I made from scratch I get bonus points, ha!) I am also really into hot beverages of any kind: hot chocolate, tea, and coffee. I even bought a coffee grinder the other day. I know, I really shouldn't be drinking it, but I try to only have it in moderation! Anyway, I can't really have any after the baby is born either because I don't want the baby to be up all night from caffeine! So many tough choices.
So glad that Ryan is back after another trip to DC. He had an amazing speaking opportunity at CPAC. We are so proud of him! I'm also a little jealous since I couldn't travel with him this time. He got to hang out with so many of our friends and his sister while Avinash and I missed out. It is definitely hard feeling stranded down here in Texas away from our family! Even Dallas is too far away for regular visits with Anuj. (At least Avinash still talks about Anuj and his Nana, Nani all the time. He asked repeatedly about where Anuj was last night at dinner and even started shouting his name, so cute.)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chasing bubbles

As Anuj says, I wish there was something that I enjoy as much as Avinash enjoys anything. Bubbles definitely have a special place in his heart. He and Lily went crazy when we passed this vendor freely covering the street with bubbles. Sometimes they get kinda stingy once the kids wander by, to push the sale I think, but she had no problem spraying them with bubbles to their hearts' content.

I love the unabashed joy they have. Though, if you notice, Avi is basically copying everything Lily does. So darn cute. I think they may have enjoyed the bubbles more than baby MM rides, what do you think?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Project Life - Jan 31 to Feb 6

I keep forgetting to get a picture on Monday...oh well.

We ran all over the Children's museum today, including a quick trip to the painting station. Notice how he had me write out STOP on the painting. Once we got home Avinash ate two fried eggs and I was so thankful he had at least one good meal.

After we are done with storytime and our craft at the library, Avinash and I always go down to check out the kids books. Today he spent most of his time watching the other kids play games on the computer. He was so enthralled he wouldn't sit down! Afterwards, we stopped by Central Market where Avi set up a buffet for himself in the cart from all the samples (nen bapas! nen salu!)

Avinash and I had a make up class at Little Gym's today. He did so well on the rings, I was so proud. And even more when he waited patiently in line and didn't fight when another kid took his dandiya.

I finally got my new camera lens! Hopefully there will be fewer camera phone pics now. 

Avinash is so into Disney DVDs now, he hardly ever even wants to watch Lala (aka sesame street) in the mornings. Current favorites include Dumbo, Pinocchio and, one of my personal favorites, Robin Hood!
Friday was actually a 'snow' day for Ryan from work. Well it was actually a 'cold' day, since it never actually snowed but his office and most of the city was shut down for the day. Unfortunately our only activity was taking Avi to see his plastic surgeon. Luckily Avinash had tons of fun riding the train there and back (but no pictures of that).

Avinash was wearing black and gold all weekend to show his Steeler pride. The fake moustache gives it just the right touch I think!

Ryan and I went out for actual dinner and dancing at the AHA Heart Ball that night too, but the photos still aren't back yet. It was fun having a real date night.

So we never got tickets or made it out to Dallas. I was just sad about not getting to see the Superbowl with my family. Of course the game itself was the real heartbreaker. There's always next year, sigh.

Celebrating a rare Steeler's touchdown with Avi here. He loves his terrible 'tallu'.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Oh so happy.

So, Sunday night turned out not to be the best night for us and all Pittsburghers...  There's always next year!  Maybe it is better that new baby be here for their next superbowl win anyway. 

I have been doing a lot of new layouts, finally!  This is one of my last summertime layouts.  I love the colors, they just make me smile.  This bo bunny paper worked perfectly for the pictures.  My mom came up with the idea of putting the blue bucket outside and filling it up with water to dunk Avinash into.  He was happy as a clam here.


I used the B-side to do a baseball layout about the rivalry between Ryan and I over which team Avinash should support.  We may have to leave it up to him. 

Our favorite Chinese restaurant was taken over by new management. Avinash got to eat there one time before the change. I originally wasn't going to scrap these photos, but we loved this place so much, but once I found out it had changed ownership I had to write down a few of our memories of the original place.

I really like this SC paper. I put in some yellow to mat the pictures and I love the pop of color from the red brad in the corner. I kept it simple otherwise to leave lots of room for journaling!

I had such a hard time figuring out which of my Indian-themed papers and embellishments to use on my Diwali layout.  I have so many paisley and mehndi-inspired patterns it was hard to choose.  I used two different patterned papers (studio calico and sassafrass) and the end result was a little busy.  Still have to work on my Indian-layouts.

I wanted this to be a quick layout using a grid pattern, but it ended up taking me a lot longer than I expected to pick out the right coordinating ribbons and stickers.  Plus, I'm not used to having to measure and cut everything so precisely.  It was fun though and I loved the end result!  Not a pattern I'll be doing alot since I usually like to put on multiple pictures per page, but it is a nice change.

I finally took down my christmas decorations the other day, but left up one string of lights to use when I feel all dismal and gray in the apartment.  I wanted to do something more, so when I was at the grocery store I picked up a couple packs of doilies.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them at first, but I decided to try stringing them together in a garland. 

I misted the edges of the smaller ones with Mister Huey calico cream paint.  I layered these on top of the bigger ones.  Then I gathered up all the flower embellishments I've collected over the years.  I like flowers but rarely end up using them since most of my layouts are more masculine themed.  It was nice to finally use so many of my collection.  It was a bit of challenge getting the ribbon flowers to stick, and I found out that gel adhesive seemed to work the best. 

I wanted a generic sentiment, not happy valentine's day since we don't really do much for that anyway and I wanted a longer shelf-life for my banner.  I was just going to write love, but I decided I had to use the beautiful ampersand as well, so my sentiment became 'love & joy'.  The last thing I did was string all the circles together with some cream silk ribbon.  Before I did that, Ryan even looked up from his laptop and admired it.  So sweet!

I'm working on a few more, I really want to get through Christmas and my two January trips before the new baby arrives!  Plus, I want to do a few just about Avinash and everything he is doing around age 2.  That's all for now though, thanks for looking.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Avi's phone.

Avinash loves talking on the phone, especially to Nanaji and Naniji. He asks to call them almost everyday lately though he usually doesn't say much, just listens. But he always wants to call back five minutes later!

This video is from our recent trip to Austin, he isn't actually talking to anybody but I love hearing him chatter so much. When he notices me holding the camera, he pauses to say cheese! Apparently he is talking to some babies, but he also mentions Nana. He is under the impression that the phone is also a video transmitter and tries to show the babies something with it. He still does this with my parents a lot (see it?). At one point I start laughing and the video gets all shaky. Sorry. Hope that you can hear him alright, it is a bit garbled.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Superbowl fever.

I was looking at some old photos and came across this awesome video of Avinash in 2009.

Hope he enjoys watching the superbowl a lot more this time around. What a lucky baby!

Project Life

I am attempting to start a Project Life for the year. The first month we were traveling so much, I have tons of pictures but haven't gone through them all or posted them yet. Here is January 24 to January 30 in pictures..

Go Steelers! Anuj made the game so fun and memorable for us by driving down on his way home to Dallas. Avinash had an amazing time (as always) playing with Anuj and pretending to fight over the ballons.

Now we just have to figure out how we can get to the Superbowl.

Building a tower of blocks. It amazed me that he didn't knock them over right away and actually posed for a picture. He could've smiled though..

Storytime at the library. Avinash really loved this craft after I stapled the streamers on.

Also, Happy Birthday Mom!! We weren't around to really celebrate but promise to make it up to you when you come to Houston. This was also the day my parents booked their plane flights to come see the new baby in March. So excited!

Meetup at the Houston Zoo. I think Avi liked playing with all the kids more than seeing the animals this time.

Had a checkup with my OB and set the date for my induction!!
(no photo)

At Isaac's third birthday party at Chuck-e-Cheese. Waiting innocently for the cake cutting.

Or not...

We also had them over for dinner afterwards. Homemade pav bhaji and raasam, yum!

Another lazy day, stayed in all day not counting going to the Indian store with my friend Garima.  Gives me a chance to catch up on all the photos I want to put in the scrapbook though!
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