Thursday, November 21, 2013

Around here.

Time certainly does seem to speed up as the holiday season grows closer.  I have a special guest post up over at Purple Mailbox with none other than Soaphouse mama herself Ashli Oliver!  She is doing a fabulous series on fitting it all in.  With two little ones and a third on the way, endless hours of traffic and running errands, and a huge list of projects I want to do, I certainly need all the help I can get with that!  Go over and see my take on it and how to 'fit in' time for more pictures.  Pictures really are my creative fuel.  Even if I have a great story to tell I'll usually wait until I can find a picture that goes along with it before I put it down on paper.  And, lean photo weeks are always a struggle when it comes to project life.

 I have gotten started a little on my December Daily album.  The cover is still a work in progress.   I am still debating on what embellishements to add.  And I think the whole thing needs a big fabulous ribbon, but the only wide color I have right now is red, which I don't think is gonna work.  I am thinking cream or maybe teal?  That extra snowflake may not last either.

For the base I just painted the chipboard with gesso.  Then I cut out this phrase with my silhouette, as many times as would fit on one page.  Then I glued down the words and added extra layers of gesso here and there.  I put a light coat on the edges of the words when I was done as well. Download the free cut file here.
Please download and share this file on pinterest if you like it. 

We are also trying to make plans for the coming month.  We have a wedding back home over Thanksgiving to go to.  I signed the kids up for a gingerbread house workshop at the Thinkery, the new Austin Kid's Museum.  Avinash wants to go to the Domain christmas tree lighting event this Saturday and to Randalls because they have all the food we need for Thanksgiving there!  I'm so glad that radio marketing has no effect on him.  We are also looking at doing a holiday train ride and a visit to the Christmas tree farm.

Today after dance class we lucked into a free studio spotlight of the Nutcracker and got to see two dances in rehearsal.  Nandini was so excited to go see a show.  Avinash was amazed at they could spin like that.  So we may be taking the kids there as well.

I also need to say a big thanks to everyone who gave me hair suggestions for Nandini.  Wet combing it is helping a lot.  I've started using oil in her hair every few days (she is still just too little for products) and that is putting some moisture back in it.  She ended up with this Farah Fawcett flip somehow today.  I loved it.

 Tried these lemon brownies.  The recipe is from here.  I love lemon, but these were just not as good as they looked.  Need to tweak the recipe a little bit.
 And, finally, Kayla Aimee's blog was nice enough to feature my little etsy shop in her Handmade Holiday Gift Guide.

Meanwhile, use the code for WASHI for 10% off any order from my shop.  I have new flair, custom polaroid die cuts, and lots of new washi tape in stock.   Thank you so much!!

How are your holiday plans going?  Time is flying isn't it!


  1. Your album looks really nice. I like the layered look of the die cuts. I have to try that at some point.

  2. so awesome to have you over at purple mailbox today!!! loving the look of your album too :)

  3. your album cover looks wonderful!!

  4. Wonderful start to your album! Too funny about your son's comment on the supermarket. Sounds like you have some busy times ahead.

  5. Love how your DD cover is coming along!! TFS a bit about your story telling process. I'm heading over to the purplemailbox. :):) Evie

  6. Love the cover to you DD album, so pretty :)

  7. Your work is so beautiful! I love it.

  8. You do absolutely beautiful work and Nandini is just much too cute! She's rocking that Farah Fawcett style. :)
    Visiting from #sitssharefest

    Keep it Touched,

  9. Your little girl is so adorable! And I'm really interested to see how your project turns out.

    Heidi’s Wanderings


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