Friday, December 23, 2016

December Daily | Day 25 Christmas Morning Magic

Yes, we celebrated Christmas a little bit early.  About 21 days early to be exact. 

Not exactly traditional but we had a blast and we would do it again in a heartbeat.

My first photo is a large one of Lakshman.  He's a blur of fervent unwrapping.  After he finished with his gifts he started opening other gifts.

I typed my journaling and added the believe stamp and the little rubber circle on top.  I also clipped the gold chipboard number to fit in the space on the side.  I love the look of elements going over the edge. 

 This is one of wrapping papers I chose.  I didn't save any from the actual day, just tore a fresh piece and cut it into 2 inch squares.
I added a little 2 inch shipping tag and a gold label in the corner.

The back is the wrapping paper that I used for Avinash.  Not quite what he chose, but pretty close and a little less garish.  Ha.  I added a joy die cut to the top and a merry making chipboard piece.

This photo flips up to hold extra shots of present unwrapping.

I love this big white die cut frame for my photo of Lakshman.  So much fun.

More photos and more words. I used the chipboard from the shop and a lot of other random little messy circles.

Had to stars with the Millenium Falcon.

Thank you so much for going on this December Holiday journey with me this year! 

I hope your holidays are magical and full of blessings!!!


December Daily | Day 24 Silent Night

So we did something kind of funny this year.  We are going out of town for the last part of December.  But we have this fresh tree and the kids (especially Avinash) were getting really nervous about Santa losing his way to them if they weren't at home. 

So last Saturday we told them it was Christmas Eve and Santa came to our own house that night! 

That evening before was just magical.  

The kids got new jammies and Lakshman put on the Santa suit.  His reaction totally surprised me, but he loved it. 

I used my typewriter to journal on this card.  I placed one letter sticker down so I knew the spacing.  This is a lot easier for me to do in the moment than measuring it out and then going back to the computer. 

I added the bonus transparency from the main kit here.  I stapled this vintage "gifts" tag from Jenni Bowlin on the front.  On the back I added a regular shipping tag with some thoughts about my own blessings and gifts in life. 

The last page of the spread is a full photo.  Taken at night so it is a little dark, but I love how the big die cut phrase brightens the whole thing up just enough. 

Thanks for checking out my pages again!


ps. You can see all of my December Daily posts here.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

December Daily | Day 22 Here We Go

Today I am sharing the page before we set off on our trip around the world!  We took the kids to see my family in India and our flights have us completely circumnavigating the globe by the time we are done.

I had to use this cities paper from Studio Calico.  I cut it in half to form a little map.  On the front I pasted this patterned paper from the main kit.

I used these large white alphas from Target.  They are supposed to be sticky, but not so much in real life.

On the inside I added more white stars and sketched our itinerary with arrows across the page.  I think I need to go in and stitch them down.  Maybe I can figure something out when we get back?

Thanks for checking out my pages!


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December Daily | Day 20

This day I documented our little trip to the mall for our lego club. 

The kids were begging me to meet Santa.  Well, most of the kids but not Avinash of course.  He is EIGHT years old now and waaaaaaay too cool for Santa.  Just look at his face.

I used this journaling card as a jumping off point for talking about Nandini's role as a sister.  She is not a middle child by any normal sense of the term.

The right side out of the album (getting so fat now, yay!)  A lot of photos and words.

Thanks for checking out my pages again!


ps. You can see all of my December Daily posts here.

December Daily | Day 19 Disco Ball Photos

I love those pictures of baby's with a string of lights.  I've done different versions of that with all the kids in the past.  This day the sun was shining after a week of rain when the disco ball started glinting again.  Lakshman of course wanted to spin it around while he danced.  

Then he wanted to spin it himself.  Then he wanted to throw it.  I sat him on the couch and took some pictures instead.  Much safer.  

Until he tried to climb over the back edge three seconds later.  

I have two inserts in front of my full page photo.  I cute a few die cut pieces one day.  I slipped this one in a page protector and cut it to size.  I just closed the sides with washi tape.  

Behind it is a 2x2 divided page protector.  I love to see all his different moves.  First he sat, then he started looking up and marveling at the lights.  Soon he was throwing it again, throwing it up over his head, catapulting over it. 

I added one snippet of a kraft tag.  I also kept one window open so the vellum could show through. 

The back is more vellum and another kraft tag. 

The full page.   Magic indeed.  I used a die cut piece here again. 

The full spread. 

Thanks for checking out my pages again!


ps. You can see all of my December Daily posts here.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

December Daily | Day 18

On this day I documented five things about Lakshman.

I used a photo of him and all his spoils, I mean toys, as a jumping off point.

This stuff took place on the sixth but I put in the red five because of the theme.  A simple page, but I love the memories it captures.

Thanks for checking out my pages today!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

December Daily | Day 16 Gingerbread Train

We had so much fun making a gingerbread train together.  I was a little surprised when I talked them into this instead of the regular house, but they went for it pretty easily. 

Handwriting on a main kit card.  Added white stars here. 

My typed journaling says:

making a gingerbread train. 
eating icing & candy.

I added a gingerbread card from an old Crate Paper line and the red star from the PG mini kit.  I like that deep red. 

I love a little line of stamped text + embellishment together.  

The second page.  Lots of candy and powdered sugar snow.  I used a five on the next page to document five things (er, toys) about Lakshman, so I just gold embossed the back where it shows through here.

Thanks for checking out my pages again! 


ps. You can see all of my December Daily posts here.

December Daily | Day 17 Puzzle Traditions

Today I documented the new tradition we started on Thanksgiving this year.  

A simple spread. I took a photo of the puzzle pieces. Love the way they look filling up the entire pocket.  I left the die cut tree card from the opposite page in place.  I added this photo of Nandini from around that time and a "thankful for you everyday" chipboard over it. 

Thanks for checking out my pages again!


ps. You can see all of my December Daily posts here.

Friday, December 16, 2016

December Daily | Day 15 Advent Calendars

We had at least five advent calendars going in our house this year.  Three chocolate ones.  One Tsum Tsum calendar.  And this one, which I get to fill myself for the kids.  

Before I put it all together I took this picture of all the spoils.  Working on my white space this year a bit.  I did this on my ornament page and took another photo like this for another page. 

I love these silver stars.  Unfortunately I am all out.  For some reason I kept looking for silver stars throughout this album but I don't really have many. 

I used pop dots to prop up the phrase sticker. I added a few stars to the photo as well and added a few brads in the center.

A few pictures of the other advent calendar they love, the Tsum Tsums! 

The full spread.  A lot of photos and some typed words.

Thanks for checking out my pages again! 


ps. You can see all of my December Daily posts here.

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