Monday, May 25, 2009

Water park or waterboarding?

We went to Galveston on Memorial Day weekend for our friends' engagment party. We decided to spend the weekend at Moody Gardens there.

Despite our recent shark sightings in Houston...

We all decided to check out the aquarium at Moody Garden too (ie, I dragged Ryan there because I heard they have a million gallon shark tank).

Avi quietly posed for pictures...

under minor protest only,

Withstood imprisonment,

watched penguins dive,

And survived being fed to the sharks.

He even liked the boat cruise around Galveston and dancing to Hindi music.

But, he had no idea what was in store for him Sunday morning...

Strapped in a bulky red life vest, out in the blaring sun, he was forced to ride every single scary water slide torture device in the whole park!

I guess things haven't changed.

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  1. lol you guys took down that other video pretty fast, i was just getting scared hahaha. i feel like he's changed so much and its only been a few months


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