Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nine Month Update

Crawling all over. Pulling himself up. Pincer grasp. Walking with his truck. Getting into the second shelf. Clapping. Waving good-bye purposefully. Flirting. Clicking his tongue, smacking his lips. Stranger anxiety. Babbling mama and dada. Blackberry and cell phone expert-they really do start young!

Aww Mom, I can eat it myself!

A bit blurry, but the only picture I got of him clapping.

Trying to get a picture of his two teeth.

The other day we went to Ruggles Green for dinner. Second day in a row. The girls sitting next to us mentioned that he was a cute baby and waved at him. He started waving back and babbling happily. They liked that, so he figured that they would love to see him clapping too, so he started showing off. He is a total flirt.

He also started doing this thing where he flicks his lips with his fingers to make silly noises. He also tries to grab our lips and do it to us. Of course whenever I try to get it on film, he only tries to go for the camera and forgets all else. I caught a few seconds of it at least.

The best part is he is such a happy baby. He still squeals when I get home and proceeds to follow me all around the house. He laughs when we toss him in the air, tickle him or surprise him.

He had his nine-month check up today. All is well. He is in the 45%-ile for head, 10%-ile height, 5%-ile weight and has two teeth. A bit small, but growing at a very good rate according to the pediatrician. It seems that he is indeed our child with our genes, including height. He is developmentally on track.
He is probably going to start walking unsupported soon too. And we still need to babyproof most of the apartment.

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