Sunday, October 18, 2009

Avinash's first birthday party!!

or, the best smash cake performance ever.

I so wanted a beautiful, colorful, cake-filled, outdoor, low key birthday party for Avinash. Oh, and balloons, tons and tons of balloons. And a bubble gun.

And it was!

We had such a glorious 70-degree day at Discovery Green. My Dad even flew down from Pennsylvania and my brother drove down from Dallas for the occasion.

Ryan was a little worried that we got too many balloons.

I mean, what if Avinash grabbed hold of them and started to float away? How would we get him down? Valid concern.

I didn't even realize that we knew so many people with kids in Houston.

Avinash just loved being at the park. I think he was happy that our picnic table was surrounded by gravel, especially since he could put it in his mouth.

He was so fascinated by all of the other kids too.

Plus, everybody loved the bubble gun. Nice to know that I have same interests as toddlers.

The best part had to be the smash cake though. We bought three cakes from Central Market. I bought tons of candles from Papyrus. And, yes, I filled every cakes with candles. Avinash knew what to do with his cake right away. After singing happy birthday.

And, with some help from his friends blowing out all those candles.

We set the cake in front of him and, with a look of serious determination on his face, he dug right into it. Icing, check. Cake, check. Filling in the middle, check.

I think he might have eaten the whole thing had we not stopped him.

We let him splash around in the fountain afterwards and put him in his monkey costume. Then we fed him french fries too, ha!

Happy birthday Avinash!!

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