Sunday, December 13, 2009

Getting spoiled.

Avinash decided to take a trip back to Pennsylvania with Anuj after he came to Houston for Thanksgiving. He cried for about a minute when we said goodbye in the airport security line. Then, Anuj gave him his cell phone and he only looked back once to see where we were. He slept most of the way there on Anuj's lap. He was a ball of energy once he got home with Nanaji and Naniji. We told them we expected him to learn hindi by the time he came back. Well, even though his Pittsburgh winning streak is now over - he did learn how to signal touchdown. Which he did very proudly while he watched the game with everybody. He shared pizza and ice cream with my Dad. Baby definitely came home with chubbier cheeks and one pound heavier (that's a lot when you are 5%-ile!) I found out what it feels like to be on the other of the internet chat. I loved just leaving it open and watch him patter around the house, babbling and talking Nanaji on walks. He would even take Nanaji by the hands and lead him upstairs when he wanted to go to bed at night. Being to able to express his needs was a real breakthrough. He would also circle around the house, surveying everything. Climbed up and down the stairs. He tried to dangle his legs off the side railing, luckily my mom caught him doing that trick! And, he did puja with my parents, learned how to say jai jai. He went to an engagement party and danced the whole night.

I missed him so, so much. I was nearly jumping out of my skin when it came to pick him and my mom up from the airport.

Ryan even convinced the super strict airport cops to let us idle the car by the arrivals gate while I grabbed a cart and ran upstairs to wait for them. He was less than thrilled to see me though.
My fourteen-month old is not too young to show his mama attitude. How dare you abandon me for three days! He completely warmed up by the next day though.

Oh yeah, he also learned how to give out kisses on command!

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