Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Check out my awesome husband.

"One of the best ideas comes from Ryan Hecker, a tea party leader in Houston. Mr. Hecker has launched a Web site called to gather ideas for a new contract, a Con. Here act from America that will be written by grass roots activists. Republicans would do well by listening to him and embracing this project. Not surprisingly, the most popular issues are shrinking government, restoring constraints to the budget and transparency. The Contract from America will be completed by April 15 and promoted by 2010 tea parties to be held in hundreds of cities across the country. "
-Dick Armey

That excerpt is from an article by Armey in the Washington Times about the renewal of Republican politics and he puts in a major highlight about Ryan. You can read the full article here:

I am so proud of Ryan right now. He has been able to accomplish with this organization in just a short time. He always has so many ideas, but to actually implement one on a national stage is just amazing. How easy is it just to sit back and assume that we can't make a difference? But I really believe that Ryan is going to accomplish more and more with this project.  Here is his site, go check it out: ht!tp://


  1. looks like he showed us. i would say this will stop us from making fun of him but i don't want to go overboard

  2. well, someone has to keep him grounded! ha.


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