Monday, June 9, 2014

5 days old: Lakshman's newborn photos

Now that we have a smiling, laughing, sleeping, and bouncing 4-month old baby boy, I'm getting all nostalgic for his newborn days.  He was so tiny and fragile.  And so precious.  That's what it made it so awesome. 

Even though we had been through it all before, his first few days were filled with new worries for me.  He had to undergo treatment for jaundice.  They discharged us from the hospital which meant keeping him on a bili-bed at home.  He was supposed to stay on that apparatus for twenty hours a day.  He pretty much hated it and all I wanted to do was hold him.  Instead, we would take turns sitting next to him on the floor while he soaked in all that blue light.  The worst part were the daily blood draws from his tender little heels.  (Ok, remind me again why I miss those days?) I did learn somethings, like, it is okay to insist on them using the heel warmer if it spares your newborn pain. 

Thankfully, his bilirubin levels dropped and he was back in our arms when he was five days old. 

 A friend of Ryan's came over to the house that day and we were able to take newborn + family photos.  These photos are just such a blessing to me, especially since most of the pictures I have with the kids are now just awkward iPhone selfies.

I love all the tiny details.  Tiny fingers and tiny toes.  Ears still squished from nine months in a bubble that have straightened out since.   Even the newborn reflexes.  Brothers + sister.  Our new family of five.

 I have been struggling with wanting time to slow down lately, finding the pause button so to say.  These photos are my pause button.


  1. So beautiful -- my "baby" is sixteen, and I although I found those first days of her home from the hospital when she was a newborn to be nerve-wracking, I do miss that time, when she was so little, so fragile, so new.

  2. Lovely photos, hope everyone is settling into the new house well! :)

  3. Awww! How sweet! Why do they have to grow so fast?


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