Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tomorrow is Today | Disney World 2015

Last time we went to Disney World, we managed to pull off the big surprise:

The surprise was so much fun for everyone.  We kind of kept letting it slip but they were too young to catch on to anything not stated outright.  

This time we let them know well in advance.  Somehow it did little to dampen their excitement on the day we left.  

We were counting the days for weeks beforehand.  It became a common topic of conversation at dinner time.  Many many extra bites were eaten by Nandini so she could grow enough to ride the big kid rides at the park.  She was dying to be able to ride the new Snow White ride.  

When we finally got within a few days, the numbers seemed to stretch out quite a bit.  By Nandini's count we had three days to go before our trip for almost a week.  Finally the day arrived and she declared, "Tomorrow is today! We are going to Disney Woooohld!"  

Oh to be four and have tomorrow, the day you have been waiting for and yearning for, finally arrive. 

At one point Avinash asked me why I love Disney World so much.  I almost didn't know what to say.  I was running on the Dwarf Mine Train ride with him and Nandini.  It was late at night and there were twinkling lights all around us.  I felt breathless from running and giddy with excitement to ride the roller coaster again.  I was thrilled that they said Nandini was tall enough to ride, just barely, but still able to ride.  I just told him that being there felt like heaven to me.  He said he felt magic was all around him.  

I will share more photos and projects soon.  I am slowly starting to scrap the pictures.  I did a few layouts but still might make a mini book as well. 

And, yes, we still try to make it to our favorite photo spots every time we visit.  Especially number one! 

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