Monday, September 28, 2015

In my active wear.

This is my life now. I think I snorted at the line "doing literally nothing in my active wear".

I totally used to mock all those moms who wore sexy work out clothes everywhere.

Not that my outfits were anything spectacular but I always felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb at preschool pick up. Though I highly doubt that a lack of yoga pants was all that was keeping me from fitting in.

Now that I have three kids (and the body to prove it) wearing real clothes feels like something that should come with a trigger warning.

In fact, it totally does.

The only bit of advice from the post-partum depression pamphlet that I remember is to not try on my pre-pregnancy jeans after coming home.

That advice served me well. I wore my maternity jeans for a solid year after Lakshman was born. Sorry, my doctor is making me wear this elastic waist band.

This summer I started working out again in earnest. Well, not really again. I joined this awesome lifting group. We lift weights three times a week. During school or after school or whatever works in between doctor appointments, therapy sessions, karate, dance classes and on and on and on.

So yeah, there isn't a lot of time to run home and change. I even caved and bought some real active wear.

And, I feel like I'm learning so much.

It's a lot of very form fitting tops and neon colors.  

Because it is vital that every single one of your acquaintances be aware of that fact that you are going to the gym. Or have already been to the gym. Or might be planning on going to the gym within.

Now I'm the mom in active wear.   Showing off my baby in my active wear.  Yeah! 

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  1. I try to get "dressed" before picking up the Bigs from school, but yep...mostly live in my active wear. I've been going on a lot of long walks/jogs in the mornings, followed by working out or a walk/jog after bedtime, so it seems a little pointless to change three times a day.


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