Thursday, March 31, 2016

Day in the Life | March 2016

7:42 // The kids are up and running around like crazy.  It's Tuesday so Ryan is driving all three to school together.  Lakshman runs into my room to try and get me to come with them too.  "Mommy!! Shoe on!!"  I tell him to go to school and say bye.  He says bye back and runs out.  He is such a ball of energy and joy.  Loved waking up to him.  It's good to know I'm missed on the morning commute.

8:18// Normally this is my free time.  Funny I never seem to spend it sleeping in.  I have no time to get anything done today because I'm meeting Avi's class for his field trip.

9:15// On the road (at a stop light of course).  The drive is super pretty right now.  Blue bonnets and Indian paintbrush galore.  I need green spaces in my life.  

10:27// Avinash is so happy to see me.  Grateful that I get to be at his school stuff whenever he wants me there.  

10:48// Right off the bat I am volunteered to pump up the strawberry gun.  I only get mildly splattered by strawberry guts by each kid in the class. 

11:08 // The kids each get their own little lady bug to put on a strawberry plant.  Avinash named his broken wing because his wing looked broken.  His field trip buddy was super excited and kept head butting me like a goat. Ha!

Totally borrowed my friend's Hunter boots with this in mind.  The mud wasn't even that bad. 

12:17// Back on the road after a very much needed Starbucks stop.  There is a really cute diner in Marble Falls I'd love to get lunch at but Ryan is getting the kids for me and I have no time for extra stops.

1:15 pm // Eating outside despite the light drizzle.  Lakshman is already sleeping.  

My roses are doing so well all around the house right now.  Even these knock out bushes which tend to get scraggly. I think all of my magnesium has helped. 

Ryan got me this lovely flower pot.  It's been blooming for weeks!  

2:04 pm // Today is Blue Apron day.  It's a bit less colorful than in the late spring and summer.  After almost a year we still love it. 

2:07 pm // Nandini decides to nap as well.  This means I get the famous double nap today!  This is the best thing ever.  After hours of driving I really needed the rest. 

2:18 pm // Sitting down with the lap top to do a little work.  I found out a little while later that my most recent piece was published on She Knows!  They actually contacted me specifically asking for my take on Indian representation in media.  It's so exciting to be writing now.  I put my heart into this article and the response so far has been great.

3:17//First comes one.

3:23 // And then the other.  The both choose to stay home and watch an episode of Pokemon while I pick up Avinash.  Though I'm sure he would prefer to be watching Elmo's world.

You mad bro?

Ryan is home!  Hallelujah.  This means a quick nap for mommy now.  Thank goodness.  He catches up on home stuff while the kids run around together. 

6:49 pm // I find that I am a better mom when I get to recharge.  It feels so good to be hanging out with them in the play room while I have actual energy.  I feel so guilty about napping when they are home but the days are just much better when I let it go and move on with the day. 

 'at!!  He's not really in on their games yet though he loves following them around as long as they let him.

 The kids are having so much fun together, playing mommy and daddy to their stuffed animals.  

Pi'ture!  Some one is noticing how much mommy has been carrying the camera around today. 

7:15 pm // Pre-dinner fruit break.  

7:18 pm // Nandini collected a box of flowers to sell while we walk around.  But she also doesn't want to bring them on a walk.  Gudiya logic. 

8:11 pm // It's too drizzly for a walk today so I putter around in the garden instead.  

Avinash and Nandini are in a serious phase of play.  While I'm outside checking out my flowers, Lakshman came with me to hang out.  The other two were so busy talking and coming up with plans they stayed inside completely oblivious of us.  

Cascarones are all over the garden.  This color is lasting longer than the holi colors have.

"Pi'ture!" again. He found a really cool telephoto lens this time.  

Avinash came up with the idea of having a dance game after dinner and is making a sign up sheet for it.  He carefully made lines on his paper and is putting all of our names on it.  He can be so creative when he's in the right mood for it.  I'm sure all the time spent running around outside today helped. 

8:35 // Kitty cat is helping me with the laundry today.  It is incredible how quickly it can take over. 

Ryan makes dinner all the time now and it is totally amazing.  Tonight we are having Cheesy Enchiladas Rojas.  And they are good.  Avinash even has one, though the other two only eat cereal.  

9:15 // Dance games are on!  Which apparently involve me hoisting the boys on my shoulder to the music of Tchaikovsky.

Nandini choose the song from the Little Mermaid, Under the Sea.  She really got into it once Anuj came back home.  So fun to see her face light up with joy just at the sight of him.  He wrote her a funny message about Team Rocket today so she wrote him one back, "Jesse for Anooj".

Baths and bedtime.  Avinash does so much for himself these days that I forget how little he still really is.  He finished his chapter of the Magic Treehouse, Lions at Lunchtime, and already has his backpack squared away for tomorrow.  His snack of choice is seaweed again.  

We unwind in front of the tv after everyone is asleep.  We watch some random episodes of Portlandia before bed.  I download my photos for the day but I don't get the chance to put them together.  I read a little bit of the last book of the Magicians before bed.  After seeing a few episodes of the television version I felt compelled to reread the whole series.  

I have done this project several years now.  I always take pictures and record some thoughts here or on instagram, but they don't always make it into an album.

I just love looking back at this project last year and seeing how much Lakshman has grown and all the little ways the others have changed too.  My story is not that different, running around, taking care of the kids, trying to find time to craft or write, .  2014 is so interesting to look back on too.  He was such a tiny baby then and we were still living in our old house but visited this house too that day.
In 2013 I made a mini album with five different days from that year in it.  It was a 4x6 album.  Very cute, small and manageable.  I might go back to the idea of a small album for the year.  If not I will just add it to my project life for the week.

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