Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Pictures and Costume Ideas

Choosing a costume is never a smooth process around here.  There is a lot of back and forth between completely unreasonable ideas or easy ideas that they give up on the day before Halloween. 
Every once in a while I get a little win though.  I bought this H&M dress years ago, unfortunately the only one left was a few sizes too big.  I scooped it up anyway and have been waiting for her to fit into it.  
Of course, when planning our costumes this year she only wanted to be Pikachu. I even went so far as to buy a set of ears and a tail on Amazon.  They looked way better than the weird onesie from Target. 
(Sorry, Target.  I love you for everything else.  Like the stuffed busts of cute woodland creatures I bought on a whim last night.  So good.)

I decided to give the dress one last shot. 
"Ok Mommy, as long as I get to hold the apple."

I guess this is her idea of a snow white dress?  

I didn't want to share the bloody truth with her in case it made her change her mind. 

Avinash and I did tell her about Marie Antoinette eventually.  He knows a lot about it from watching Animaniacs.  I do what I can to keep my kids cultured.  Like watching tons of 90s cartoons together.  IT'S BRAIN FOOD! 

Speaking of 90s cartoon shows.  I apparently inadvertently named my son after the protagonist of one.  avinASH!  He was psyched to dress up as him for Halloween.  We got the blue vest in the mail minutes before heading out to trick or treat.  Love how psyched it made him! 

Lakshman's costume wasn't really a costume at all.  Being Pikachu is more of a statement of who he feels he really is on the inside.

His teacher literally begs me everyday to teach him to say something other than "Pika pika!" It may or may not be scaring the other kids in class.

Putting on the outfit wasn't a big deal like putting on his giraffe pajamas.  Usually a cause for exuberantly discussing things like running away to giraffe school to learn about eating leaves.

No, this costume had a more subduing effect.  His own real sense of Pikachu didn't need ears or the tail beyond the ones he already has.  So the costumes ones were quickly doffed.

He didn't scream and ask for candy loudly over and over.  That is something he reserves for, say, prayer time at the temple. Instead, he could barely let out a sub-audible "trick or treat".  Squeaking like a mouse perhaps?

He meekly placed his candy in the bucket we held for him.  He didn't demand to eat it on the spot but realized he would do better to take matters in his own hands.  So he quietly held on to a fun size snickers bar until trick or treating was all over.  At the table he handed it over to me for help unwrapping it.  Thoroughly melted, he was only able to take one lick before the texture got to him.  He choose some nerds and swedish fish for himself after that which went down fine.  He didn't even fuss at bedtime.

Hiding from revolutionaries. 

The executioner found her eventually.  Sorry Marie!

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