Friday, June 30, 2017

Faerie Trail by Silver Moonlight | Austin

Austin has so many quirky and fun events throughout the year.  One of our favorite places, the Zilker Botanical Garden, has a faerie trail set up every year.  

They have quite a few events set up around this trail every year and we try to make it to as many as we can.  

Going to the Faerie Tea Party has become an annual tradition for me and Nandini.  We also have done Faerie house making in the past.  It currently holds all my baby succulents and I love it. 

This year we went to the see the Faerie Trail when they open up the gardens in the evening.  With the idea that it would be a little bit cooler, though it was still pretty sweltering.  Nandini still wanted to rock her fur lined boots. 

The faerie houses are submitted by different groups of people.  This Hogwarts Faerie House is basically my dream house.  

I love simple things like blue stones for water and moss covered paths.  


I painted all the kids faces before we got there.  Nandini and I have been watching a lot of face painting videos together, so she chose a mermaid crown for her face today. 

Thanks for taking a look! If you are visiting Austin in the spring or early summer, be sure to check out the Faerie Trail here!

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