Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Project Life | February 2017

This Month | February is a fun month for our family.  It starts out with Lakshman's birthday.  We also had Nandini's birthday party this same month.  My parent's had a groundbreaking ceremony at their new Austin house.  I went to the Valentine's Parties at the kids school and Lakshman crashed them with me too.  Time to bust out the pink and red and hearts! 

I used a strip of another PL card to add journaling to a photo, I am sure I got this trick from Ali Edwards. 

Adding typed up journaling from another Instagram post and left space for some embellishments.  I found a stamp that fit in perfectly and added a cork tag on top. 

I still struggle with the look of my handwriting on my pages.  I used another Ali Edwards and did some irregular wavy lines for the journaling.  

Lots of Whale and Squid party pictures coming up. I also did a few Valentine's pictures of Lakshman hanging out in my room which I had to include too of course. The pictures are so colorful the embellishments are minimal. My journaling is hand written here again and I tried to keep it very small so it would look neat.

A birthday stamp set to embellish a PL card.  I used a few sticky notes, slightly stamped with yellow stars for journaling on both pages.  I also wrote out a long story about Lakshman's squid balloon backpack! 

Nandini's Fearie Party! One of the early Faerie Trail events at the Austin Botanical Garden is the tea party.  I had to order tickets very early, but managed to get enough for her to have a few friends there with her.  

This page | A square divided page is a nice way to include lots of extra photos.  I picked a good mix of coordinating Studio Calico cards and cut them down to 3x3. 

The opposite page.  Sometimes I don't get to do as much journaling as I have space for but I think it is better to move on and not just stall and get hung up.  If I get back to it great, if not, oh well. I already have plenty documented. 

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  1. I have all the things I need I just need to sit down and actually complete some pages- I don't even bother with trying month to month anymore I just post lots about things I love like October and camping spots- everything else gets to fade away- I actually kept track of our road trips last year this way and I really helped this year when my husband started asking me where did we camp last july? LOL

  2. Love the perfect Lakshman birthday layout!


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