Friday, June 26, 2020

Top Ten Target Summer Favorites

Women's Rolled Short Sleeve Boxy Cropped T-Shirt

Buttery yellow with a modern cut? Absolutely. 

Super cute!! I also love these little bright satchel bags from Target.  I use them everyday and get tons of compliments on them all the time.  It is such a perfect color combo too. 

Women's Two-Tone Slip Dress - CUSHNIE for Target 

I have a ton of these dresses.  I basically loved and bought every Cushnie dress I saw on Target. I adore her designs and was so excited to be able to actually own them!!

I love this cut.  I really feel like a dancer in this.

I used to buy a ton of these at J. Crew and Boden for like four times the price.  They are so practical.  I love that you can dress them up or wear them with jeans or shorts.  Plus, my arms have been getting fried! Especially when just out driving.  I really suck at wearing sunscreen so I majorly prefer to just wear a long sleeve shirt.  

And, of course, it's even better because I have a sale for you!! 

This stuff is the absolute best.  I have tried so many different things over the years.  

I read all the blogs.  I tried the "all natural baking soda" method for a while. 
 I had so much build up.  My hair was gross. 

I was determined to not let the same thing happen to my daughter.  She has super curly hair.  I really didn't know what to do for her.  Oil, sure.  But I wanted her to have some way to manage it.  I tried to cut out Sulfates and Silicone.  That was hard, it's in everything.  

Then I found this brand and have loved it for years.  I use it on both of us now and I love it.  Her curls get definition and shine and my stick straight hair can actually make ringlets now.  Plus, it is a Black-owned company so it is pretty much the best stuff ever. 

This is really my favorite baby cream. It's in a tub, so it's not diluted with water like regular lotion.  It has really helped my baby stave off any signs of excema.  I still get excema flare ups from time to time, as do my older kids.  I am so glad I started using this on him when he was young, because it has really helped keep his skin healthy from the very beginning.  He is 15 months now and still has buttery soft skin. 

Get a free $20 gift card when you spend $100 on baby care essentials with same-day order services. Valid 06/28 - 07/04.

Kids Cloud Bookcase

This bookcase is basically the cutest thing ever.  It comes in four colors and I kind of want them all.  I bought six bookshelves at the start of quarantine.  Now I want to return them all and buy this instead.  I mean, it's like Pottery Barn or Land of Nod quality and design for Target prices.  

Plus, there is a deal on it too..

Speaking of cute kid stuff.  Hearth and Home Toys are like my favorite thing.  I was so excited when I saw their big Toy Doll Farmhouse on major sale!  It even comes with furniture!  My kids got this for Christmas and they play with it so so much.  
I guess that doesn't make it exactly summery, but where we live, any toy that keeps them playing when it is too hot to go outside is a win in my book. 

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