Friday, January 2, 2009

Disney World!

Day 3
Because we are Disney World maniacs, Ryan and I got up early again, despite having been out past midnight two nights in a row to go to the early Extra Magic Hour at Magic Kingdom again! We even dragged Anuj with us this time (who loved going on Winnie the Pooh and Philarmagic by the way). We ran over to tomorrowland first where everybody was lining up for Space Mountain. I made the boys go to Buzz Lightyear with me instead and we ended up being the very first family on the ride that day. They gave us free 8x10 and 5x7 pictures of all of us on the ride and everything. It was cool to feel special at Disney World which is usually so mobbed and crowded. Unfortunately we had left Avinash with my parents in the morning so he wasn't in those pictures. My parents did bring him a little later dressed in his Santa outfit. My parents were getting stopped by people non-stop who wanted to admire the baby in his cute outfit. We all went to the new Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor which is an interactive comedy show. We had submitted a joke the day before but they didn't pick us. Ok, tell me you don't like this joke -- What does a pea say when he answers the phone? Nothing, he just mutters! Ha! Apparently they didn't get it. Well, today, even though they still didn't pick our joke, they asked the audience if they wanted to see the cutest thing ever and then put Avinash up on the big screen as Santa's Little Helper!! It was so cute, and he was laughing and giggling the whole time they had him up on screen. He loves being the center of attention. It wasn't really much of a joke, but I think the producers just wanted an excuse to put the cutest baby ever up on the screen, and that is saying a lot because Disney World is full of babies. Most of the little girls at Disney World are all wearing princess dresses, but none of the little boys wear costumes there. Seeing him up on the big screen had to be one of the highlights of our whole trip.
We stayed at the Magic Kingdom to see the nighttime Cinderella's castle show, where they to do a little play with all the characters about lighting up the castle for Christmas. I think it is the holiday version of the usual Tinkerbell flight. Watching the whole castle light up with my family was really magical (even if Avinash need a big diaper change in the middle of it- which is why his pants are off in the pictures, ha!). After that we actually went home early for once so that we could make it to Animal Kingdom for Safari in the morning.

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