Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 2

Day 2 - New Year's Day The parks were still totally packed, but we went to Magic Kingdom in the morning for the awesome Extra Magic Hour. Unfortunately this required us to change hotels at like 6 in the morning so we could catch the bus on time. We got to go one at least half a dozen rides in an hour. Still, probably less hectic than a typical day at work. We took turns holding him in our laps on the rides while he looked around in utter astonishment. Seeing his eyes light up at all the new colors and sounds was so amazing, even if he never is going to remember any of it! Today Avi was dressed as a little lady bug, with feet that said LOVE BUG on them, but he was a boy lady bug like the one from "A Bug's Life." We took him to the Bug's Life 3D show inside the Animal Kingdom Tree of Life, though he kind of slept through most of it. He may have been really tired out by all of our running around on New Year's Eve and rides on Spaceship Earth and Magic Kingdom. We took a midday break and met up with Ryan's friend Mike for New Year's day brunch at the Old Key West resort. My parents and little brother got in that afternoon, so we met them at the hotel for dinner. Avinash was so ecstatic to see his grandparents. He just started telling my Dad the laundry list the minute he picked him up. It seemed like he was saying, "Hey Nanaji you will never believe all the stuff I've been seeing here! I have to tell you all about what Mommy and Daddy have been doing to me!" Ryan and I, however, took the opportunity to have a baby-free night. Epcot was having Extra Magic Hours later that night and my parents offered to babysit Avinash while Anuj, Ryan and I went to the park. We did every single ride in the park (except for Test Track!) before heading back at midnight.

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