Monday, June 1, 2009

I hope this isn't arresting his development..

Ok, so I am not posting the video, but I did feel inspired to make a scrapbook page with this installment of our Roomba story.

And, no! We don't really want him to be like Buster.

Though I guess I should be worried about what this says about me as a Mom. Especially since it was my idea to let him ride Roomba.

He's too big to actually ride it anymore, but he is fascinated with it now. He crawls after it and cries when he can't catch up! He even learned how to turn it on while it is in the dock.

Of course Ryan was complaining about the lack of robot features on the page, as if I have a huge stock of robot accessories. But! turns out I did have this really adorable card (sent to be my actual Robotics PhD friend Rachel when Avi was born along with a beautiful hand crocheted blankie and booties set). So, it worked out. I actually made three layouts tonight, but this was definitely the best.

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