Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me Monday, post-call edition.

Another Not Me! post in the style of my favorite blog, MyCharmingKids, by MckMama.

I would never say that staying at home with your baby instead of operating all day is hard work. It does not seem like two hours of nap time is way too short.

I would never, for example, resort to using household robots to entertain my child.


Photographs notwithstanding.

The video I will not not post.

I did not meet a whole host of other surprises. Last night, I was not way too proud of myself for making a healthy dinner and letting Avinash try endamame!

I did not come to regret this decision today. Not once this morning, twice by noon and three times total and counting...

Even though I could probably not do this every day I'm glad I get the chance every now and then (seriously, I do.)

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