Monday, September 14, 2009

San Antonio weekend trip.

Naturally, our San Antonio Labor day/Anniversary road trip started with a stop in Austin.

I carried the baby around and tried to experiment with my new camera.

Oh, and Ryan gave a speech to a huge crowd in front of the Capitol Building!

I love how passionate he still is about politics. It is hard not to get disinterested over the years, especially as all of your values get eroded year after year. I basically feel totally withdrawn from the process. But, he is still fighting and trying to change things.

San Antonio was such a good change from Houston.

I'm sure that their PGY-3 residents don't get to first assist two or three aneurysm clippings a week, but it would be so nice to live there.

We had our anniversary dinner at Biga, beautiful ambience, excellent service and great food.

Perfect seasonal new American-even the salad was good. Avinash was a perfect baby at dinner too. He loved strolling down the Riverwalk afterwards too.

We took him on a river cruise the next day.

He was awake for about the first five minutes of it.

The city was just so colorful and vivrant. Soulful.

He never even knew what he was missing.

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