Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ryan and Avi's Safari adventure

Ryan and his friend Raj had a boy's day out with Avinash and his son Gabriel. Originally they planned on going to the zoo, but Raj found this cool safari place just outside of Houston. I couldn't go anyway because I was working, but I think it's great that all the boys got together.

Gabriel is probably one of Avinash's favorite people. He loves playing with him and really looks up to him. Avi was delighted when they got in the backseat of the car together. He started chattering a mile a minute. And it was mostly gibberish. What was Gabriel's reaction? "Dad! I can't understand what he's saying!!" This did little to phase Avinash who kept trying to tell his older friend lots of stories. Both of the boys had a blast on the actual safari. They got to see zebras and giraffes. The bison even knocked the animal food tub right out of Raj's hand.


After the tram ride the boys got to pet some animals too. Then got to have ride horses too, it was Avi's first horse ride!

Gabriel looks totally excited, while Avinash seems like he is just tryign to take it all in. Though the pictures might not show it, he was enthralled with his horse ride too. The boys did not want to leave. Gabriel picked up a leaf on the way out as a souvenir for his mom, Avinash wanted whatever Gabriel. Raj made him share, despite Gabriel's protests, "he's just going to rip it." About two seconds later they hear Gabriel say, "He ripped it!"

Poor Gabriel, he tried to corral his little friend again at lunch when Avinash started playing with the sugar packets, but to no avail. Luckily there is a big construction site a few blocks away from our place. One site of cranes and excavators and Gabriel was happy as a clam. I wonder if Avinash will be obsessed with construction when he gets older too? I loved seeing it when I was younger too since my mom always read Richard Scary books about it to me and I knew that my Dad built bridges. I hope that Gabriel's fascination wears off on Avinash too!

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