Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Springtime is here!

Our new apartment is only a few blocks away from most of the Houston museums and Hermann park. On my drive home I noticed that the area in front of the Art Museum second wing is packed full of azaleas. Pink, purple, white and fully in bloom.

I was jumping out of my skin with excitement, wanting to go and take pictures with Avinash. The next free evening we had , I raced home from work, got Avi changed and ready, Ryan even came home early from work and I made everyone rush over there while the sun was still up.

I love living so close to so much beauty.

Using the self- timer.

I kind of liked the test shot more, ha!

Avinash was a bit less interested in flowers than I was, but he is a total outdoors lover. And gravel, the bushes were edged in gravel and he was in heaven! Looking forward to lots more walks, time outside and little adventures!

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