Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Franklin Institute.

I have so many memories of the Franklin Institute when I was growing up. I loved everything about it. The train ride, the IMAX show, running up and down the spiral walkway in the center of the museum, the cell biology area and the giant heart.

I was soo excited when I found out that our Houston children's museum membership was accepted there as well. Score! My parents and I stopped by there on our way to the airport at the end of my last visit home.
Very first thing I practically ran to the giant heart with Avinash. My Dad chickened out half-way through because it was such a tight fit. Avinash, however, loved it! We had to go through again and again until he would even look at anything else in the museum.

Here is Avinash dancing circles around his Nanaji in the electricity room.

They also had different mechanisms for generating static electricity. I did it with Avinash as well and he was so confused and kept patting his head trying to figure out what that weird feeling was.

He wanted to stay up in this plane all day long. There were so many buttons to press and he loves flying.

Look at that grin!

Just before we had to leave we made it down to the big train ride. Avinash instantly loved it and was pulling on all the gears and levers he could find (with the help of Nanaji). I couldn't resist showing him how we used to slide down the coal car in the back. Of course the little monkey was clambering up to the top himself and sliding down in no time!

So glad that we enjoy all the same things at the museum!

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