Friday, September 3, 2010

New California Layouts.

Our trip to California was challenging to say the least. The kind of vacation that you need a vacation from. Taking a road trip from San Fransisco to San Diego may not have been our best idea ever. We did have a lot of little adventures, and took lots of pictures. I am having trouble scrapping them though, not sure why. I find the whole family ones or wedding event ones the most challenging. I don't want to do really formal pages but am not sure how to treat them otherwise.

Here are a few random pages of our family only, which I was much more at ease with.

A random sea world pictures page. I love this fancy pants stamp and used it all over my Costa Rica album as well.

About the polar bear area at Sea World. I love this striking Studio Calico patterned paper and the 3-d American crafts sticker accents. They are the perfect addition of depth and color here, plus the two coordinated well together.

I used a lot of making memories travel kit accessories. I love the random assortment of elements they have, stamps, tags, die cut paper. Unfortunately the actual photos were pretty tough to get, but I like the final effect.

I was dying to get cute pictures in front of the golden gate bridge. We drove there early Saturday morning and dressed Avinash in his insanely cute sailor romper. But, the poor guy was so sleepy and cranky that he flat out refused to smile. I struggled with this layout for days and still don't think I got it quite right. Sigh.

This is my favorite new layout. When you have a great subject I feel like the pages just make themselves. Avinash loves this pair of shorts he has with a monkey attached to one of the pockets. We always ask him to find it and show us, he gets really excited each time. I love these little anecdotes and are my favorite thing to document in my scrapbooks.

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