Friday, October 19, 2012

Fantasyland Dress Rehearsal, Disney 2012

Our first day at the Magic Kingdom.  I love everything about this place. The sense of whimsy and magic, the rides, the shows, talking pictures, reliving my childhood with my children and recording the memories.  We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the new Fantasyland is partially open for 'dress rehearsals' already!  They were shut down half the day to film a commercial, but we got to go in after that.  I sort of suspect the filming is the reason for the perfect looking clouds in the sky today too.  If anyone could make perfect clouds on cue, it's probably Disney.

He's so excited.  I can't believe he let me take as many pictures as he did.

The new dumbo ride was a little hard to find so we went on Winnie the Pooh first. Nandini totally earned her nerd nickname by heading for Eeyore's gloomy place first. I think she might have stayed there all day if I didn't pull her out.  She already loves going on rides luckily.

The new Storybook Circus is awesome.  Mostly a facelift of what was there before, like the barnstormer, Pete's side show and Dumbo's new location.  I have to say I really really miss it being right behind the castle and one of the first rides you get to if you walk straight up main street and through the castle. 

I didn't even have to pose him for this, he started twirling on the lamp post all on his own. 

I love Dumbo pictures.  Note the awesomely perfect clouds in the sky.  Nandini was there too, but I was holding her in my lap at an awkward angle for pictures.  I'll have to wait until Ryan joins us for that.

For the first time in the history of ever I actually rode the mundane carousel at Disney World.  This little baby wanted to, and  how could I say no the one ride request all day (that I could understand).  We rode Small World and Peter Pan after that too.  It is amazing to see them both looking at everything together with so much wonder. 

Then, we got to see the new Fantasyland. 

First we went to Belle's interactive storybook experience.  They loved exploring Belle's cottage and then traveling through a magic mirror to see 'drawers come to life.'  The animatronics are pretty amazing.

Then all the kids got to be in the show. Some one is the Beast, Belle's father, the Mrs. Potts, Chip, etc.  Avinash was the horse!  He gave the softest, cutest little neigh on stage but luckily Belle knew what he meant.  The whole thing is really just a photo-op with Belle, but done in a fun and different way.

The big surprise was Ariel! The new little mermaid ride was up and running as of a few days ago.  We were all so excited, Avinash included, who decided to put off eating fries to ride.

The pictures don't really do it justice.  Everything is so life like.  Her hair had this movement to it, like it was really floating underwater.  There are so many songs and fun moments along the way.  Definitely glad we got to see it this year!


  1. Ah, the happiest place on earth! This is such a great time of year to come to town. It's still warm but the humidity is down and it's cooling off at night and you get that gorgeous bright blue sky for your photos. Thanks for sharing the awesome photos! Looks like the kids are having a blast. Enjoy the rest of your stay!

  2. Wow, looks like you had a blast. So many new things since I have visited with my kids 2 years ago.

  3. Gorgeous photos - our 1st visit to Disneyland with our kids this year and they loved it.

  4. Sounds like a truly magical vacation! I love Disney & look forward to seeing all the new attractions!

  5. Those are some awesome picts! we were just there a couple weeks ago :) SO FUN!


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