Friday, October 26, 2012

Costume Obsessed

  I was never much into Halloween growing up.  I struggled with figuring out a costume and always seem to put it to the last minute.  Somewhere in the 90's everyone figured out we could just don our flannel shirts and be farmers, but it was still a stretch.  I was never much into scary movies or candy either.  I did work as a professional face painter in New York though, so I learned a lot.
  One of the unexpected parts of parenthood is rediscovering, or discovering, really, the joy of Halloween.  As soon as Avinash - my October baby- was born I realized that I loved dressing him up.  Over the years I started hitting up Carter's and Old Navy in early November and stocking up for next year.  I love the Carter's prams for under 2.  And the princess dresses at Old Navy are way nicer than the 'brand-name' ones I think.  I have also been known to pick up things at Gap and Gymboree clearance.  I have a nice stockpile of animal outfits, Steelers jerseys, dragons and monsters.  Slowly getting more princess things now.  For me, it is just easier to buy than make something. The crochet mermaid tail for Nandini last year was the exception to the rule. 
   I think it's worth it because we dress up in the costumes all the time.  On vacation, at Christmas, trips to the zoo, football games, talk like a pirate day, Purim or just because. 

(She's dressed as Winnie-the-Pooh dressed up as a bee.  I'm pretty sure I saw this on the show once, but I realized that day, in the book he just dressed up as a little raincloud.  Doh! I was totally proud of this idea at first, esp since the bee dress alone was too itchy for her to wear.)
I am still abysmal with costume ideas for myself.  What are your plans for Halloween costumes this year?


  1. Awww, adorable! I love that crocheted little mermaid dress! How super cute it that?!

  2. Cute costumes, especially the mermaid's tail! We didn't do Halloween when I was young, it's only just started getting popular here in England. But I love it! This year my daughter will be a Halloween princess - which is an old witch costume with some lace and roses and bats added, and my son will be a spider. I usually dress up as a witch as stripy tights and black clothes are easy! x

  3. Cute costumes. I am going as a witch again, it's my usual go to costume, when the boys were little we did a lot more fun costumes but this year is the first year my oldest isn't going trick or treating, it's kind of a sad moment for me, my youngest is going as the invisible man if we can figure out his costume lol.

  4. Hello, sorry it's been so long to visit. I LOVE LOVE these pictures of you and your kids, how pretty you are in them. Cute costumes for the kids, how awesome that mermaid tail is.

    We like Halloween at our house, I'm horrible most years on costumes for the kids. I never dress up but now wish I had more when the kids were little. I usually buy the store bought costumes for the kids too, not handy with sewing. This year Sam asked to be the ugliest/scariest thing he could find. So he is going to be quite ugly this year and the girls who are in high school still want to trick/treat so one is a clown and princess for the other one. The part I don't like about trick/treat is that most times it's freezing out and we have to put tons of layers on under or over the costumes which isn't fun.

    Read your past posts and love the PL and the trip you took. Great photos and happy memories.

    Happy Sunday!!!

  5. The mermaid costume is amazing. We have a HUGE stash of costumes at our house. We love dress up.


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