Thursday, January 3, 2013

....and a Happy New Year

We have been so busy our last few days at home.  Meeting up with old friends, spending time with family, making a million trips to the mall and Target to return things/get price adjustments, going on little adventures and enjoying the cold weather while we can.

Highlights include:

 Old friends +hot chocolate = good times.  Always nice when we can force our kids to hang out together and be friends since we already are. 

Dear photograph attempt with my brother.  Not the best in the world, but still cracks me up.  He hasn't changed a bit!

Ringing in the New Years at home after night out together at a, wait for it, Backstreet Boys Concert.  Had a total flashback of the dance routines my friend Sarah used to teach me in high school.  So many memories..

  Visiting Chocolate World in Hershey.  Nandini is the most unenthused Hershey Kiss factory worker ever.  You couldn't even tell she liked it except for the tantrum she threw as we were leaving.

 Sledding on snow mountain and making bowls and bowls of snow ice cream. 

Getting Nandini's ear pierced.  She was such a doll throughout the process.  My mom wanted to make it a ceremony so we said a prayer together before hand.  Nandini knew it was about her and just looked so pleased with herself while we sang.  Then I swaddled her up and she got so calm and relaxed just like when she was an infant.  She didn't even cry after the first one.  (Clearly she did after the second.)  She is so strong. 

And, I have done absolutely nothing crafty in days.  Feels weird but after bedtime I traded family time and board games for craft time, and I'm okay with that.  Even though we may bicker, I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful group of family and friends. 

Happy New Year to you, hope you have a beautiful 2013.


  1. Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I'm so glad to have found you and your awesome blog last year. YOU AMAZE ME ALL THE TIME WITH YOUR GIFT FOR COLORS AND POCKET FULL OF YUMMYINESS!!


    I love all the pages you've shared, skimped down and saw them all. Again, wish my kids were this age again, HOLD them tight and enjoy it now, goes sooo fast.

    Looking following you on your journey again this year. Missed you in December but can start catching up now.

    p.s. WOW, saw that you have Seafoam now, yippeee!! So your doing a little digital too? So happy for you. HAVE FUN! Thank you also for the support and happy comments on my blog this past year. HUGS!

  2. Yay! Glad to hear you had a good vacation!


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